Balance Golf Club on Left Thumb for Consistency

Balancing the Golf Club on the Left Thumb

Balancing the golf club on the left thumb is a key kinesthetic feeling in the golf swing. Kinesthetic keys can help golfers increase consistency in their golf game. Balancing the golf club on the left thumb will help keep the club on path. Knowing the kinesthetic feel will give you a gauge during the swing that you remain on path.

Take the club shaft and hold it with a left hand grip* thumb extended along the shaft. The left thumb or thumb on the top hand should be in line with the shaft. Pull back a bit on the shaft with the right hand to feel the left thumb exactly in line with the golf club shaft. If you are in line properly, you will feel pressure directly against the thumb when the shaft is pulled back. This is the same feeling, thumb pressure against golf shaft, which you want to notice at the top of the backswing. The thumb to shaft pressure does not tip towards one side or the other, it is directly in line with and right down on top of the golf shaft. This key kinesthetic feeling is one to note in your practice swing as well as during the swing itself. Remember you want the pressure centered directly down on the thumb not to one side or the other. Feel the golf shaft balance on the left thumb* and you will increase the consistency of your golf shots. *right handed golfers

PGA Master Instructor Dave Cahill and PGA Instructor Mike Cahill are here to help you learn kinesthetic keys, including balancing the golf club on the left thumb, to increase consistency in your golf game. Please come see us in Palm Springs for golf lessons or visit us for a Palm Springs Golf School, Las Vegas Golf School or Minnesota Golf School.

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