Best Left Hand Golf Tips W/ Hybrid clubs

This left hand golf tip about hybrids is probably something you haven’t heard before! (and it will help your game!)

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Hybrid golf clubs, or utility clubs or rescue clubs they’re sometimes called, take the characteristics of an iron and wood and combine them to make a very versatile, very useful golf club so they’ll often have the loft that could be the same as the iron. So they’ll have a number, maybe 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Some even go to 8, 9, 10 pitching wedges and sand wedges but the loft will generally be the same as it says on the bottom of an iron. But actually the loft would generally be increased when you hit the golf ball due to the center of gravity. The center of gravity of a hybrid club is lower and deeper. That will encourage the ball to go up in the air which for most golfers is quite useful particularly if they want to use their hybrid clubs. Their long irons 3-, 4-, 5-iron, that sort of area, and particularly if you want to hit them from the semi-rough so when the ball’s sitting down a little bit in the semi-rough, the sole of the golf club on a hybrid club is not designed like an iron to dig into the surface and take a divot.

It’s designed for much more of a sweeping action, a much bigger, rounder, flatter sole. It’s going to sweep underneath the golf ball, letting the center of gravity get under the ball and lifting the ball into the air much more nicely. So if you’re struggling with your irons, you’re inconsistent with them you’re taking too many deep divots or topping the golf ball, consider looking at some hybrid clubs. When you play them, you can play them in exactly the same fashion as you would do with your irons so the ball position would just be positioned slightly ahead of center therefore allowing you to sweep the surface of the turf, catching the ground and just letting the club slide underneath the golf ball. So if you’re struggling with your irons, consider some hybrids. Play them in a similar to your irons. Don’t be so focused on hitting down and taking a big divot but sweep the ball away. With hybrids in your bag, I think you’ll hit the ball higher, straighter and further.

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