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No-Fault Golf: The Delusion Of Logic

Every golfer is familiar with the maxim that golf is ninety-percent mental. It sounds good in theory, but how does simply acknowledging the phrase help you play better? In this article, we look at the delusion of consistency and offer a suggestion for accepting the fact that results are beyond your control.

The Essential Ingredient to Effective Learning

In the mind-boggling world of golf instruction, it’s not uncommon to hear a student lament that the more he learns, the worse he plays. Do you know anyone (perhaps intimately) who signed up for a series of professional lessons, came away totally frustrated, and ended up reverting to their original style. The instruction may be perfectly sound, but every student has a preconceived image of the ideal swing. As long as they hold onto this misconception, there will be a reluctance to try anything new. In this article, we look at the essential ingredient that can overcome the natural resistance to change.

How To Create Unstoppable Confidence

How many perfect shots does it take for you to feel confident? If perfection is your standard, then your level of confidence is tenuous. Your swing is a by-product of how you feel, which is determined by your beliefs about the game. The first key to consistency, is acknowledging that the game is inherently unfair. No matter how much you practice, there are no guarantees. In this article, we look at the prevailing feeling of inadequacy among mid to high handicap golfers and offer a few practical suggestions to build and maintain your confidence.

Confidence: The Missing Key To Consistency

Why do we take lessons? The obvious answer is to improve our technique, however, the ultimate goal is to gain confidence. Have you ever taken a golf lesson? Did you come away feeling assured or discouraged? Any dedicated student of the game can point out flaws in a fellow players swing, but the mark of a competent instructor is assuring the student, that he/she has the ability to incorporate the new technique. This article looks at a fatal flaw in traditional golf instruction and reveals the key for replacing self-doubt with confidence.

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For Serious Golfers – Selecting A Golf Club With A Great Swing Weight Importance

When buying golf clubs, careful selection and wise choices can be used to match perfectly a set to your own swinging style. There are several easy things to look for as the material of the club, especially the head. the grips may seem non essential but if they are not right, can cause an adverse effect. However serious golfers match how their swing feels and pinpoints the swing weight. Discover tips in achieving this.

The Most Frustrating Shot In Golf: A New Perspective

What is the most frustrating shot in golf? Most amateur golfers would vote unanimously for the recalcitrant “slice”. The novice, might consider topping the ball a shorter distance than they could kick it, the ultimate embarrassment. For the low handicap golfer, missing a two-foot putt for par could be the epitome of frustration. It’s perfectly logical to be upset over a poor shot, especially when you understand the underlying cause. Would you consider a shot hit on the “sweetspot”, a source of frustration? In this article, we offer a different viewpoint on the potential level of frustration inherent in a perfect shot. You can decide whether the argument is valid, or simply a literary device to help you break through the mental barriers of traditional golf instruction.

Muscle Memory: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Results

The game of golf is replete with misconceptions that are beneath our conscious awareness. These beliefs impose limits far beyond the lack of technical skill. Are you familiar with the concept of muscle memory? The basic theory is, that the more you practice, the better you should play. If muscle memory is simply a by-product of hitting more practice balls, then every dedicated golfer would be scoring in the low eighties. It’s not uncommon to hear a golfer lament, that the more they practice, the worse they play. How often have you played a stellar game after an extended layoff? Is muscle memory “real”, or just a rational excuse for a lack of improvement? In this article, we challenge the accepted definition of muscle memory, in the hopes of bridging the gap between knowledge and results.

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The Essence of Effective Instruction: Less Is More

Despite quantum advances in equipment technology, the “average” golfer struggles to break ninety. According to figures compiled by the United States Golf Association statistics, this figure hasn’t changed appreciably in forty years! Could professional golf instruction be largely responsible for the disturbing lack of improvement in the national handicap? In this article, we look at a paradigm of golf instruction and disclose a potential trap that creates an ever-widening gap between knowledge and results for the once-a-week golfer.

The Biggest Roadblock To Improvement for the Once-A-Week Golfer

How often have you hit shots like a tour pro on the practice range and then proceeded to slice the first tee shot out of bounds? How can your swing disappear during the ten minute walk from the clubhouse to the first tee? In this article, we look at the unique relationship between practice and playing in golf.

The Golf Lesson Paradox

Do you take lessons every year and practice diligently, but only realize marginal improvement? Is it any wonder that only ten percent of golfers invest in professional instruction after the second year? The key to guaranteed improvement is setting realistic expectations and continually modifying them as you improve. If golfers adopted this practice, then perhaps one day, golf lessons could come with a thirty-day guarantee. This article is part one in a three part series that looks at the stigma surrounding professional instruction for the once-a-week golfer.

Seven Surprising Benefits of a Golf Membership

Without a golf membership at a local club, golfing can be an expensive hobby to maintain. Here are a few things golfers can expect once they join a club.

How To Bridge the Gap Between Thought and Feeling

What can you learn from the worlds’ best players? Is there a common element found in every consistent swing? Every player has a unique style. The only pattern is a sequence of movements that each player follows before every shot. In golf parlance, this ritual is referred to as a pre-shot routine. The value of these seemingly innocuous movements, is their ability to automatically bridge the gap between thought and feeling. It enables the worlds best golfers to play on autopilot, and with a little due diligence, it can work wonders for your game! This article illustrates a common misconception about pre-shot routines, and offers guidelines to help you discover the formula to consistently play to the best of your ability.

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