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Three Greatest Lessons From Arnold Palmer

Sometimes when I’m looking for different approaches to improve my golf swing, it’s best to go back to the old masters who played the game many years ago. I’ve written recently about some of the things Ben Hogan taught, and they still have a great deal of bearing on how the golf swing should be constructed, especially with amateur golfers. Some of the writings of Arnold Palmer from years ago still make a great deal of sense and here I would like to express a few of those.

Myths and Misconceptions in the Golf Swing: Part I

This 10 part series is based on notes from over 11,000 lessons I have given over the past 32 years. The first five articles illustrate common misconceptions about basic swing mechanics. Articles six through ten, reveal some myths about how the game is taught. You may not have the physical dexterity to hit 300 yard drives, but with a clear understanding of cause and effect, any golfer can learn how to score in the eighties consistently.

How to Maximize Your Stay and Play Golf Experience

Stay and play golf packages provide lots of fun for its participants. This article gives some tips on how to maximize your experience.

The World’s Most Dangerous Golf Resort Hazards

Nothing makes 18-holes at a golf resort more fun than Indiana Jones-style obstacles and booby traps. From routine sand pits to crocodile-infested swamps, these hazards are sure to add an extra thrill to your game.

Learning To Reduce Golf Scores Quick
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Reducing your golf handicap can be done if you learn to work on the right things and improve your mental approach to the game. Discover some effective tips to help you get better at this difficult game and lower your scores more quickly.

Top 3 Features to Look for in Lightweight Golf Push Trolleys

Hopefully many consider golf push trolleys as their primary choice for many reasons. In fact it is useful too. But what to consider while buying a golf push trolley is a common question. Here are my views that I feel would be the right to make your decision.

Should I Get a Permit for the Golf Cart Trailer?

Transporting your golf cart can seem easy, but avoid traffic tickets by understanding the rules about golf cart trailers. Each state has its own motor vehicle laws and those laws change.

Tire Types: What Which Type Is Best for Certain Terrains?

Golf cart have a role in many activities, such as hunting or industrial use. This article informs readers about how using the correct tires can improve golf cart performance in different terrain.

Lower Your Score – Improve Your Putting

How important is putting in a round of golf? It is crucial, because almost half of your strokes are putts. Improve your putting and drop 4 strokes per round. Being confident with your putter can help you: • Play smarter • Relax and hit more fairways • Eliminate 3 putts Also, when you get within makeable range, you feel confident that you will make it.

Why Are My Approach Shots Landing Short of the Green?
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Many weekend golfers tend to come up short on their approach shots into the green. They are baffled and confused and can’t figure out why they hit such a good drive and then come up short on their approach shot. When you hit a good drive, in the fairway, and you are around 150 yards, or closer, to the green, you must hit the green a high percentage of the time! The reason you must hit the green is because your chances of making par goes down by 50% or more when you miss the green.

St Andrews Legendary Old Golf Course

Scotland’s St Andrews is often referred to as the “Home of Golf”, having several courses for golf aficionados to choose from. But its most famous course is its oldest one.

Five Vital Safety Tips For The Driving Range

Golf is a relaxing sport, but it comes with its share of risks. Avoid them with these useful tips while on the driving range.

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