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Do You Have Fun On The Putting Green?

Most golfers find it difficult to master a normal swing. To make matters worse, when they finally do find their way on to the green the game can become even more daunting. Many good golfers even struggle on the green, as this is the true test of how well a golfer can control speed and direction.

How To Play Better Golf With Ease

If you want to learn how to play better golf, then you have to understand the golf swing. Your swing, we should say a good swing, is all about pace and repetition. It’s not about big muscles it’s about doing the same thing over and over again.

Golf Tips for Driving Your Golf Ball Longer

We all want to know the golf tips for driving your golf ball longer. Every golfer I know wants more distance off the tee and is willing to try almost anything to make it happen. I’m sure that I have written about this in some of my other articles, but let me just go over again some of my techniques.

Quickly Become A Better Golfer

In this article we could tell you that shaft composition, shaft flex, club design and a whole other list of accessories could make you a better golfer, but the truth is practice and mastering the fundamentals will make you a better golfer. Just going out and hitting a bucket of balls won’t do the trick either if your golf swing is flawed, so what is the next step?

The Top Golf Swing Training Aid That Will Fix Your Game
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Few people ask themselves can a Medicus swing trainer aid really expose swing problems for the ordinary golfer and then break at the hinge to supply quick assessment to the golfer? After wondering for years if this golf trainer aid is the real deal, I decided to give it a try. I was surprised at how weighted the medicus dual-hinged driver head seemed.

Golf Tips On Short Putts, Long Putts, And Reading The Break

Let’s start out with today’s golf tips on your stance and where your ball should be. Your heels need to be about shoulder-width apart at address. You need to bend over to put your putter behind your ball. How far do you need to bend over, well far enough so that your eye line is directly above the ball.

Golf Tips On Golf Etiquette

Some of the best golf lessons in golf are about sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is everything in golf because its an easy game to cheat at, so every player is on the honor system. Golf has it’s own code of etiquette, semi-official rules of courtesy that every player is expected to follow. These rules are made out of respect for the game of golf, as well as, for each individual player.

Tips On Hitting Your Sand Shots

So, you’re in the sand. Now what? Well there are a few things to take into consideration before making a wholesale decision on how to hit the ball out of the sand. First of all, are you in a green side bunker or did you happen to hit into a bunker in the middle of the fairway? You may think that it doesn’t matter. Sand is sand after all, right? Wrong! The first question is answer is what club to use.

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GX-4 Rangefinder – 2-Faced Golf Rangefinder?

Leupold is one of the oldest and renowned names in providing precision optics. Leupold has been providing outclass services in different fields like military, gaming and commercial field. The GX-4 rangefinder is designed to fire the beam exactly at the desired target. The advanced technology and software gives a clear view of the target. Among any of the rangefinders available in the market you use you will find GX-4 rangefinder very accurate and convenient to use. It employs PinHunter technology which is the most recent technology that is used in the Leupold brand. When focusing on the flag in PinHunter mode the GX-4 ignores the background imagery and focuses on the distance to the pin only.

Performance and a Great Price – Medalist Laser Rangefinder

There are plenty of golf range finders on the market, however, for performance at a Great Price the Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder is as good as it gets. This easy to use laser rangefinder is light in your hands and accurate to within 1 yard. For anyone looking to improve their game this is one tool that has many options to give the golfer an advantage. The Medalist Laser Rangefinder is ready to use right out of the box. It runs on a battery that is included in the package and is light and easy to use. Unlike GPS range finders you do not need to download anything or have someone explain how to use the unit. It can be used right out of the box, however, there are a couple of extra features that you may have to read the instructions to figure out.

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Pros Use the Bushnell Pro 1600 – You Should Too

The Bushnell Pro 1600 continues the legacy of the PinSeeker 1500 by providing a high quality piece of equipment designed to improve your game and lower your scores. By taking the guesswork out of distance, you can cut a groove in your swing during practice and out on the course as you get to know your game inside out. Most courses have distance markers on each hole but these are not always accurate, do not allow for different pin positions, and certainly do not make allowances for elevation and slopes. The Pro 1600 Slope Edition gives you all of these features, helping you read and understand the course before you, and more importantly, how it relates to your game.

How Buying Golf Clubs Is Like Searching For A Lover!

There really is no scientific method for choosing the right set of golf clubs. That being the case, we have to rely on something most men would rather not talk about, feelings. But not to worry my friend, I’m going to give you a couple tips on what to look for.

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