SNEAK PEAK OF NEW ONLINE ACADEMY #3 – The Half-Swing for Players who Go Too Inside in the Backswing

3rd sneak peak of my new online academy launching soon, just in time for the off-season!!! In this video we are going over the half swing and what to feel for if you are someone who shoves the club to the inside in the takeaway. If you’ve seen sneak peak #2, you would have seen the half swing for the opposite problem. In the online academy, we over options for all, to make sure everyone gets a full understanding of what they need for their golf swings!!!

The aim of my online academy is to provide as guided of a learning experience as I can without actually directly working with each other via in-person or online coaching. This will provide another platform for golfers to learn and arm themselves with the knowledge to diagnose and implement changes on their own as they work their way through the curriculum!!! Stay tuned!!!

ONLINE ACADEMY EARLY BIRD ENROLMENT RATE SIGNUP AT sign up before prices return to normal when the academy goes live!!! =)

Check out for more golf swings and cool things!!!

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