Why Shouldn’t You Lift Your Arms in the Golf Swing? [Yes, REALLY!]

Why Shouldn’t You Lift Your Arms in the Golf Swing? Lifting your arms in the golf swing affects your consistency. The golf swing can be simpler than coordinating the lifting motion of the arms. If you lift your arms in the golf swing, you have to drop the club in the slot while making sure your arms and body are still synchronized in the downswing. That’s a lot of things to think about when the golf swing is only 3 seconds long. Imagine consistently having to swing the golf club like Justin Thomas – lifting and dropping the club all day long. He plays great golf but it takes a ton of coordination to swing a golf club like that.

Your golf swing inconsistency can be traced back to lifting your arms. Every action in the golf swing has an equal or opposite reaction. Whenever you lift your arms in the golf swing, you have the consequently DROP your arms on the downswing. This can lead to chopping, distance loss, and overall inconsistency since you could lift your arms in a million different golf swing positions.

Lifting your arms in the golf swing requires considerable timing and practice to maintain. Only the best golfers in the world have the time to keep this golf swing working for them. The average golfer doesn’t have that much time to work on their golf swing, they need a golf swing that’s simple, repeatable, and powerful – a golf swing that will show up ready to play each and every day.

The solution is to avoid lifting the arms in the golf swing. Once you start doing this, your golf swing consistency will begin to improve dramatically.

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