Why MOST Golfers Get Shoulder Tilt WRONG

Engaging Your Golf Swing Powerhouse

Engaging the powerhouse of your golf swing is a natural process. This article discusses the source of your power and how to create greater consistency, balance and control.

The Beginning of the Golf Swing

The golf backswing is the beginning of the motion of hitting the ball. Golf is the only sport where the player hitting the ball begins the action – in baseball and other ball-and-stick sports, the ball motion is began by another player. That is why it is so hard to start the backswing when you begin playing.

Bushnell Tour V2 With PinSeeker Technology

Have you spent quite a bit of time on the golf course and are somewhat upset over your score? Would you like to lower it through making more accurate shots? If so, then you are like a lot of golfers. However, unlike a lot of golfers, you are going to do what you need to do in order to make a proactive change. You will need to find a quality laser rangefinder which can boost your ability to get the most out of your golf time.

Charity Golf Tournament 101 – A Great Way to Raise Money for Your Cause

You want to start your own charity/ fundraiser? Thinking of a charity golf tournament? This is a great way to raise money and funds for your organization. Here is how to do it.

Golf Glove Wear Patterns – What Are They Telling You?

Golf glove wear patterns can tell you a lot about your golf grip faults. And there’s only one thing worse than playing a poor round of golf – NOT KNOWING WHY?! There’s really no excuse though, as there are many indicators which will tell you what you’re doing wrong.

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How to Be Aware of Your Muscles and Use Them for a Golf Swing

To play the game of golf, muscle awareness is very important. While building or rebuilding your swing, it is important to take note of each golf muscle involved in play and how it acts during a good swing. Muscle memory happens automatically whether you are aware of it or not.

What Is The Best Golf Ball?

What is the most important piece of golf equipment you will ever purchase for your golf arsenal? What equipment is custom made for your individual game? What piece of equipment will you change as your game improves and change even more if your game deteriorates? Your golf ball!

TaylorMade R11 Versus TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 – Which Driver Is Right for You?

For the 2011 golf season, TaylorMade released the R11 driver, which carries on the blood lines of the very popular R-series drivers of past years, and the Burner Superfast 2.0 driver which is a follow up to the Burner 1.0 driver introduced in 2010. So if you happen to be shopping for a new driver, how do you decide which of these clubs are right for you? They are both used by tour professionals, they have received positive reviews in various golf magazines and they have both sold extremely well. Although it is a difficult choice, this article will try to break down the differences between them to allow you to make an educated choice on which TaylorMade driver is right for you.

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Golf Backswing Tips To Cure Over The Top Golf Swing

One of the most common swing faults is an over the top golf swing. This fault causes 2 major mishits. One is the dreaded slice, the other is a hard pull. This is all dependent on the club face at impact. This issue is so common many books have been written on how to cure a slice. And yet, golfers are still struggling to fix it. I’ve got some of my own opinions on this topic, and will give you a few tips that relate to the proper golf backswing.

We Hate Pitch Marks But Love Putting Greens

Walking onto a putting green and finding an un-repaired pitch mark drives me crazy! Not only can poor condition putting greens be harder to putt on – looking after the golf course and in particular the putting greens is good etiquette – which is a huge part of golf. Pitch marks can take up to three WEEKS to fully recover. But how do you repair a pitch mark correctly? Many people think they know how to correctly repair a pitch mark, but in reality they don’t. Make sure you know…

The Golf Ball’s Flight Will Match The Slope Hit From

One thing to always keep in mind is that “the golf ball’s flight will match the slope hit from”. When playing golf you must know how to adjust your initial target when it comes to uneven lies on a golf course. The ball flight changes with the slope of the land. There are side hill lies, uphill lies and downhill lies.

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What Every Golfer Needs

Throughout the years golfers have survived the fairways with a bag, golf clubs, tees, and a variety of dimpled golf balls. Recently, however, a new optical device is fast becoming a necessity for every golfer-the golf range finder. Because this instrument is so critical to the game, it is the perfect gift for the golfer in your life. Take it from someone who has played golf for over 40 years, it is what every golfer needs, and wants.

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