The swingless POWERED golf club – 200 yards NO SWING

What to Look for When Purchasing a Golf Cart

Are you considering buying a golf cart for personal use? Then here are some tips for buying one of your own.

How to Play Indoor Mini Golf – The Beginners Guide

Indoor mini golf or Putt putt, the name the game is famously known by is a small sibling of the world-renowned game, golf. Miniature golf uses a smaller version of a golf club known as a putter hence the name putt putt.

Power Moves: Your Innate Swing Unleashed

Have you ever hit a perfect shot? The key to re-creating those shots is the ability to stop thinking for one-and-a-half seconds. The idea sounds simple enough but how do you do it? The secret is developing a power move or trigger that instantly switches off anxiety over results and allows you to swing by feel. Every elite athlete has a unique trigger. In this article, we briefly look at examples of power moves used by three PGA professionals. You may not have the physical prowess to hit three-hundred-yard drives but any golfer can develop a simple action that allows you to access the natural ability that lies beyond swing mechanics. The first step is awareness.

Popularity of Golf: Technology & Region Expansion Leading to Demand for Golf Apparel

Evolution of Golf from an ‘elite’ sport to popular sport has worked to enhance the market for golf apparel. This advancement can also be credited to the involvement of both males and females into this sport.

How To Stop 3 Putting Forever With These Simple Golf Tips
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This is not about so much putting technique it’s more about a solid routine and reading the green. We want you to have some simple tasks that are easy to repeat and easy to add to your routine on the green and hopefully remove the dreading and often times upsetting three putt that ruins scores. Most golfers just go to the ball, head down and have 3 strokes and putt. Sometimes they will look from behind the hole, but this is limiting and rarely gives the accurate results.

The Cornerstone to A Consistent Golf Swing

In the previous article, we looked at three essential elements found in every effective swing. These elements are key positions that are evident when we look at frame-by-frame comparisons of the worlds’ best players. Rehearsing these positions on a daily basis, without a ball, is the first step to mastering effective muscle memory. The more you rehearse, without concern for results, the sooner your body develops a feel for the positions. So far, so good. Is there a guideline that would accelerate the process? How does posture affect muscle memory? In this article, we reveal a simple secret for achieving perfect posture every time.

What to Look for With a Golf Club Caddy Holder

Keeping all of your golf items properly stored when you aren’t out there on the course is very important. You don’t want to leave them in the truck of your car, with items rolling around. You don’t want to leave them in a pile in the garage when you return home.

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Going to the PGA Show? 3 Great Golfing Venues While You Are There

Here are Three Worthy Florida Golf Venues to Check Out If you’re headed to the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, here are some golf choices ranging from the nearest course to the show to an overlooked bargain to a worthy destination a day’s drive away. Shingle Creek Golf Club The nearest golf course is the Rosen Shingle Creek Golf Club, less than two miles from the Orange County Convention Center, the sprawling venue for the show. Shingle Creek was redesigned a little more than a year ago by the Arnold Palmer…

The Magic of Muscle Memory

The biggest roadblock to improvement for the once-a-week golfer is confusing cause and effect. A common misconception is believing the golf swing can be controlled by conscious thought. Your swing is a product of muscle memory. How do we develop effective muscle memory? The first step is discovering the common elements or positions found in every consistent swing. The second step is developing a feel for these elements. Rehearsing these positions on a regular basis develops effective muscle memory. In this article, we offer a simple method for using these positions as a blueprint to build your unique swing.

The Benefits of Golf for Yourself

There are some sports out there that most people can play at any age. This sport is also one of most growing global sports in the world. The game of golf is one of the sports that anyone can play for anyone.

Top Tips to Remember When on the Golf Course
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Golf is such a sport which is very mentally demanding. A lot of mental preparation is required to successfully play this game as one is on his own once on the course and there will be nobody to give assistance. A positive mind with belief in oneself devoid of any kind of absurd thoughts is essential while playing this sport.

How To Make Your Best Golf A Habit

Golf instruction is replete with maxims which sound reasonable but often lack a practical explanation. In the previous article, we looked at the axiom “only perfect practice makes perfect.” What is perfect practice? Let’s define it as the ability to accurately re-create essential positions found in every effective swing. The ultimate goal is acquiring a feel for these positions until they happen without conscious thought. In essence, you’ve developed the muscle memory that allows you to stop thinking about swing mechanics and play by feel. The transition from thinking to feeling is a three-stage process. In this article, we compare the process of learning how to drive a car, to the recipe for building a consistent golf swing.

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