HIT DRIVER LONGER (Monster Distance Drill)

Indoor Putting Greens For Sale – How To Get The Best Prices And Deals On Your Indoor Putting Greens

Looking for where to get indoor putting greens for sale? Your are definitely not alone, as a matter of fact anyone who is serious about improving there golf game should look into investing in one of these. I wrote this article specifically for people looking for the best deals and prices on putting greens.

Golf Physical Therapy: The Tips You Can Follow To Prevent Back Injuries

Most acute low back injuries that occur during a round of golf improve over a couple of days to several weeks. According to golf physical therapy experts, the most common injuries include muscle strains, muscle/tendon pathologies and disc injuries. The four key areas to focus on include: a good warm-up, smooth swing, correct body mechanics, and properly carrying the golf bag.

General Golf Advice – Getting the Right Equipment

Golf is a sport that a lot of players are extremely serious about, their game and their equipment is just as serious. When it comes to starting golf, it can become extremely confusing. There are hundreds of different types of products to buy, yet there are even more brands supplying them, which can make the whole process of purchasing equipment a lengthy task in itself.

Golf Advice to Cut the Costs When Out On the Course

There are plenty of websites these days that are dedicated to providing both new and experienced golfers general golf advice. The reality is that their advice can only stretch so far, as golf is a practical game. Of course, some hints and tips can really help a player’s game play, but generally, the best way to perfect a swing, is to keep practicing a swing and there’s no better way to do this than getting out there and playing some games!

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