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Golf instructor David Leadbetter says a shallow downswing ensures that the golf club approaches from the inside and then it’s just squaring the face to hit a draw.

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It’s always stated that
the most important part of the golf swing
is your transition, going from back to down,
and that’s important.
It wants to be smooth.
The club needs to be in the right position from where…
Basically, gravity just makes you hit the ball.
And with the A Swing, backswing,
because of this nice, short arm swing, and with the club…
Remember, it’s almost as if your arm is flat,
and the shaft is upright.
So as we go back, we’re on this plane, or this line,
and as we come down, we’re on this line.
This is what we call the V plane.
It’s not a strict V, but it’s a great image, where
going back it’s here; as we transition, it’s here.
Because if we can get golfers onto this plane,
coming down, and the arms and the body are working nicely
in harmony, you’re going to hit some great shots.
So we can see, as I make my movement back to the top,
I just almost like step into it,
very much like a batter in baseball…
Where’s his bat?
It’s up here.
Steps into it.
Look what happens to the bat.
It flattens out onto the plane that the pitch is coming on.
So there’s a baseball component in this A Swing.
Most of you’ve sort of swung a bat at some stage
in your early years, certainly,
but we can see, from here, boom!
And that’s the whole key with this A Swing,
to get the club on the right plane.
How many golfers do we see out here in steep?
% of the world’s golfers.
So, you can see, I’ll do this fairly slowly, you can see.
Work it back.
Here’s my backswing, and we can see from here,
I’m going to complete, and…
So you can see, this action here
is going to produce a lovely little draw.
Those of you that slice, you’ll never slice again.
You get onto this V plane,
going back and coming down,
you’ll crack it.

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David Leadbetter on How To Do The A Swing Downswing | Golf Tips | Golf Digest

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