Can I beat Adam Scott if I start 10 under par? (Stroke play)

Helpful Advice Concerning Golf Club Woods

The biggest of all the clubs in golf are the woods. They are usually applied in shooting off the marks. Moreover, when further range is in need, they are used in hitting from the fairway. The wood club derived its identity from its head which is made of wood. Specifically, these clubs are created from the beech wood or ash before the 20th century and recently, they are made from the maple and persimmon.

Helpful Advice Concerning Golf Club Irons

In a usual collection of golf clubs the 3 and the 4 are referred to as the long irons. Those players who have advanced skills in golf could have a 2 iron and a 1 in their golf bags. The long irons do have the lengthiest shafts among all kinds of irons, with woods as the only clubs that are more extended in length. The distance of it ranges from 150 – 200 yards relying on the golfer and few factors affecting like the climate status and wind speed. Long irons are usually hitting from the fairway for the ball to be much nearer to the green for you to be able to precisely aim at the pin using the shorter irons.

The Simple Golf Swing Evaluation – Getting the Secret Out and About World of Golf

The game of golf is often a hobby liked simply by a myriad of people all over the world. Origins in the game is actually a lot debated topic, in addition to information show that it has been played out at the start from the 1200s and also perhaps even before that will.

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Hybrid Golf Clubs for Winning Shots

Many golfers consider their hybrid golf clubs as their pride and joy. And who wouldn’t if it gives you exactly what you’re looking for in a golf club – precision, control, accuracy and winning shots?

3 Golfing Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

The golf swing controls the precision as well as the distance of the golf shot, which are two major aspects of executing a good golf shot. One of the most challenging aspects when you are learning the game of golf is getting the right golf swing. The right swing is crucial to hitting a good shot.

Disconnect In Your Golf Swing

Many of you saw the title of this article and thought that this was just another article about the arms staying connected to the core! If that was the case for you, you were wrong. True, the arms should remain connected to the body in an efficient golf swing. However, the message of this article has nothing to do with the arms at all. In all actuality this article is encouraging disconnection. This article is addressing the disconnection of the Core from the Lower Body. In the grand scheme of things, the disconnection from the core and the lower body is often the first step in maintaining the connection of the arms and the core.

The Spirit of Golf – Purpose

The core of what we desire in life must be cared for in a deliberate manner. Awareness of our vulnerability to drift into states of weakened spirit must be ever present. If we continue to discover the ways in which we maintain enthusiastic involvement our energy emerges whenever called upon. As we witness the true potential purpose in life we are supported by the continued effort that our expectations require as we pursuit our game. Becoming progressively more authentic in our being, we respond more and more to the intrinsic motives that arise from a realization of our individuality. If we learn to play from our authentic selves, fully participating from the core of our being, our achievements will be based on a well founded self-concept. The conscious mind is clear about the intent accepting the integrity of our authentic self. The purpose remains intact, in spite of disruption within our momentary state of being. Only then we begin to gain control of an ability to manifest results through faith, trusting in our intuitive capabilities, thus tapping into the law of attraction.

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What Is a Good Golf Score?

Your ability as a golfer is measured by the number of strokes it takes you to complete each hole. The count begins with the first attempt to hit the ball off the tee. One stroke is counted each time you attempt to hit the ball [whether it is contacted or not) until it goes into the cup on the green of that hole.

Electric Golf Trolleys Vs Manual Trolleys

Now days markets are being occupied by the electric golf trolleys rather than manual trolleys. Very few people are fully aware about the benefits of electric golf trolleys as compare to manual ones.

Golf Accessories – Express Your Personality

These days almost everyone is playing golf or at least thinking about it. It used to be such a simple sport requiring only a set of clubs, a hand full of golf balls, and a battered pair of cleats bought at a garage sale was enough for an average hacker to go for a round of eighteen holes.

All About Golf Equipment And Clothing

Different items or equipment are used to play golf like balls, clubs, ball markers, tees, golf carts, towels, club head covers and ball mark repair tools etc. All these equipments should be selected very carefully because the success of the golfer is greatly dependent on the quality of these equipments.

Golf Scores Terms

After a round, golfers often talk about their games relative to how they played, not always in relation to their score. And like most other sports, there is a special language and set of terms that describe that play.

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