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Basic Golf Rules

Golf has a lot of rules (34 in all) that every golfer needs to know by heart. However, if you’re a newbie excited to make your first swing, it can be very tempting to skip reading the rules all together and just go ahead and start whacking the ball. Well, this is neither very wise nor recommended. You need to know the most basic ones, or at least those that you’ll likely encounter with most often on your first foray to the green.

Sparking Your Child’s Interest in Golf

More and more of the younger generation are playing golf. Junior golf programs are present in almost any golf course in the country. Parents who play the game, and even those who don’t, acknowledge the valuable lessons given by golf in molding the character of a child. Values such as integrity, humility, punctuality, honesty and respect are deeply inculcated in a junior golfer and they are definitely values worth developing.

Why Golfers Need to Participate in a Golf Exercise Program

If you think that playing golf is purely a test of your accuracy then your cognizance of the game is a mistake. Hitting hundreds of balls or spending long hours in practice game is not enough preparation for one who aims to win big time. It can never assure you that you will play golf at par with your more prepared counterparts. The game of golf, much like other sports, requires muscular strength, power and endurance. If these components are not in its optimum, winning a game is going to be extremely difficult.

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Preparing for Golf Season

After a season of hibernation, when you and your golf clubs have had a good six months of rest, it’s now time to get back in the game when golfing season returns. However, your preparation starts way before you actually wipe the dust from your golf clubs and jumping into your car to make it to tee-time. If you go the course without adequate preparation, you’ll soon find out that you’re making shots that lead to the bunker or fall short of your desired target. To do decently from your first post-winter golf hiatus, you need to prepare beforehand.

Golf Basics: Body Movement and Control

Body kinesthetic is important. It governs proper movement. It’s the way we are supposed to move, run and lift objects. If we don’t learn how to move correctly, there’s always a good chance of experiencing muscle strain or sustaining injury.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning Golf in Golf Schools in Resorts

Many resorts like Pebble Beach, Sea Island and Augusta National have golf schools with different training programs suited to players of various levels. From golf novices to advanced golfers, golf schools in resorts offer instruction to anyone interested in the game. Compared to traditional golf schools in your local golf course, golf schools in resorts have its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. So before you go about enrolling yourself in a golf school in a resort, consider the following to see if it’s the kind of golf instruction you are looking for…

How to Read the Green
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Perhaps one of the most exciting times for golf is when the player is about to putt the ball into the hole. But to do that successfully, you need to learn how to read the green. Reading the putting green is a skill that needs to be practiced. It takes a little bit of logic and a lot of common sense to read the green. But once you’re adept at this skill, you can then concentrate on your form and technique to finally be able to sink the putt.

Womens Golf Equipment – How to Make Sure You Pick What Is Right For You

Choosing the correct equipment or golf clubs for you and your swing is very important and should not be taken lightly, just because you are a woman. Make sure you get a professional to help and remember that its not just the men that need to be fitted for their golf clubs.

Exciting Speed Golf

If you find traditional golf too slow for you, then perhaps you can try speed golf. Also known as extreme golf, fitness golf or hit-and-run golf, it’s still played like traditional golf, but it also takes into consideration the time element. Popular in North America, Europe and Japan, players don’t take their time here.

Looking for More Challenging Golf? Play Desert Golf

Interested to play golf with some of nature’s meanest creations? Teeing off with critters and rattlesnakes isn’t exactly a usual golfer’s idea of the game, but you’ve got to admit, the prospect is exciting to say the least. If your idea of golf is grass and more grass, then playing desert golf will definitely give you a new perspective.

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Tips to Avoiding Bad Deals in Discount Golf Vacation Packages

You’ve been planning for the longest time to go on a golf vacation in any of the top golfing destinations in the country. From Myrtle Beach to Hawaii to Las Vegas, your imagination knows no limit on where you’re planning to spend your very first golfing getaway in. Unfortunately, your pocket does. You know you can’t afford a first-class golf vacation. So you search the web for discount golf vacation packages online, and true enough, you found a three nigh-stay with a couple of rounds of golf for only $135. Not bad.

How to Go About Planning Your Golf Getaway

If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of work and enjoy the game you love to the fullest, spending your vacation in a golf resort is the perfect retreat. No other stress-buster in the world could take the pressures of daily living off your shoulders than the prospect of doing nothing for three or four days but swinging your clubs and sinking the putt.

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