7 things I Wish I Knew as a Beginner Golfer – Common Mistakes

Navigating Water Hazards on a Golf Course

Water hazards bring on about as much (if not more) anxiety as a sand bunker does. Few things intimidate a golfer or mess up his naturally smooth swing as a does small river, lake, or pond getting in close proximity. Water hazards are sometimes playable.

Stick to the Fairway or Take the Shortcut?

If you aim straight down the fairway, you risk rolling right into the trap. Should you try to cut over the trees? What if it doesn’t clear it and you land smack down in the middle of the woods, having to snap it back out into the fairway just to get a clean shot?

You’re Playing Because You Enjoy Golf, Right?

Golf is not only a sport but it’s a form of enjoyment. A lot of people find golf boring but honestly it’s not.

How to Improve Your Balance In Golf

Balancing may seem like a very simple task, you do it every day walking around, sitting, standing, etc. But when you are swinging a golf club, keeping your balance can become difficult, and unfortunately is a very crucial piece of hitting the ball accurately and powerfully.

Senior Golfing Tips

There are certain things that will help you stay or become a great golfer even as a senior. Just because you are getting older does not mean you should not continue to put up the great scores you did in your 20s or the scores that you want to achieve.

The Mental Side of The Game Is a Key to Better Golf

There is no question that physically practicing golf is very, very important to a solid golf game. It is the only way that you will improve your game. However, just going out to the range and practicing isn’t the entire picture when it comes to obtaining a golf game that is enjoyable and rewarding. The physical training aspect of golf ends when you step on the first tee. It’s on the course where what’s between your ears takes over.

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What Every New Golfer Needs to Know

Getting started with any hobby or sport can be intimidating. As a beginner golfer, you have a few things to learn before you can grab your bag and head out for a full round of golf with other, more experienced players. Don’t try to turn pro overnight.

What to Look for in a Pushcart Purchase

Most golf carts these days are designed to help you minimize your workload during the game. With all the bells and whistles they afford, you might just be taking a stroll without ever having to exert any force on your cart at all! Whether you call it a push or a pull cart, golf carts for walking players come in a wide selection of brands that have minimal and maxed out features for you to consider.

Putting to Lower Scores

Do you need to make more putts! Do you need to score better under pressure! Follow some simple beginning steps to make your putting better and ultimately lower your score!

Golf – Starting Out

The novice golfer will need to be pointed in the correct direction if they want to get off to a good start with the game of golf. There are many things to be learned if you want to accomplish a competent standing in the game. There are skills to be learned such as the correct way to hold the club for the best results. Anyone watching the game of golf will also notice the stance the players assume to hit the ball. From the tee you also need to learn how to swing the club to accomplish the best results.

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Teaching Golf to Kids

Everyone who has played golf knows how frustrating of a sport it can be if you are struggling. When you are hitting the ball great it is amazing to be on the course, but remember back to when you were just starting out, or to a time when you just could not hit the ball right, it was frustrating, wasn’t it? So when you are introducing golf to a child for the first time, you need to make sure they are having fun with it.

Golf Basics for the Absolute Beginner

Golf is continually becoming more and more popular of a sport and for good reason, it is a great way to get outside and get some exercise with a group of your friends. It can also be a very relaxing sport, after a long stressful week of work, a nice round of golf can really make you feel better.

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