What is The Single Plane Golf Swing? | Introduction

Moe Norman, the Golf Savant, developed the Single Plane Golf Swing. Recent US Open Champion, Bryson DeChambeau, uses a similar swing method. So what is the Single Plane Golf Swing?

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In this video we introduce the Single Plane Golf swing, developed by Moe Norman, the Golf Savant. Moe Norman was known as one of the best ball strikers of all time, and his swing is famously known for its “single plane,” which is much different from the conventional golf swing. Even the great Tiger Woods said that Moe Norman was one of two people to ever own their golf swing (the other being Ben Hogan).

You may have never heard of Moe Norman, but you most likely know recent US Open Champion, Bryson DeChambeau, who also swings on a single plane. Not only does Bryson have an unconventional golf swing, but he also uses one length irons from Cobra.

If you are interested in learning about, or switching to the Single Plane Golf Swing, Brady will be doing a vlog of his experience of making the switch (most likely will be published on YouTube in Spring of 2021).

To learn more about the Single Plane Golf Swing, we suggest looking into the channels listed below:

– Graves Golf Single Plane Academy:
– Todd Graves:


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