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Golf instructor Hank Haney corrects a reader’s swing via Twitter.

My followers on Twitter always send me pictures
of their swing and one of the most
common pictures that I see
is where their address position
and their impact position
look so distinctively different.
When you set up to the golf ball,
you have a certain amount of bend forward from your hips.
The idea is that you wanna keep that bend
throughout the whole swing.
What a lot of people do, though,
is that they turn back,
they might keep their bend pretty good there,
but then as they come through,
they tend to come up out of their posture.
Their lower body goes in toward the ball,
their upper body comes up away from the golf ball,
and their posture at impact
is totally different than it was at address.
Try to keep the bend you have forward from your hips
throughout the whole swing.
Back, and through.
A good way to practice is put a mirror right
in front of you there
and look at it, and make sure your posture is the same
in the through swing
as it was at the address position.
Keeping your posture throughout the swing
is a big key for you to be more consistent.

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Hank Haney’s Key for a More Consistent Golf Swing | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest

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