How I Found the PERFECT PUTTER + Effective Putting Routine (10 min) | Disc Golf Basics

I must confess something. I haven´t had a putter in my “bag” (haven´t really got a bag yet – working on that). So I wanted to find a putter that felt right for me – a very individual thing I´ve been told 😀.

I asked Tomas Ekström (who designs all of our discs) to go through our most popular putters and show me what makes them different from each other. Then I tested them out with a putting routine and then some after the camera was off.

My thoughts:
Initially I thought I had my putter right off the bat. Turns out it wasn´t that simple. And because of my experience I would advice you to test the putters before getting one, if possible (I am very aware of that most people don´t have access to all the disc I do due to where I work). Just saying that I was quite surprised with the difference between just having the disc in my hand and actually using it.

I hope you like this video and the putting routine in it. I really liked it. Doesn´t take that much time out of the day but it still felt challenging. Let us know what you think about it and if you would like to see more of these sort of routines/trainings.

Take care!
/Jonathan and Johannes

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