VENN # 3: Hosting Great Events Online

The City of New Westminster is pleased to have hosted the next edition of the popular VENN series on March 24th from 5pm to 7pm. VENN – Virtual Education and Networking Night – is a special series to support the local non-profit community. Each edition of VENN features some time for networking and a guest speaker or speakers. This edition features Jeremy Perry on the topic of hosting great events online.

Online events are likely here to stay. While in person events will return at some point, the online format has made some events more accessible to those who have barriers attending in person. They’re also great to preserve content from learning sessions to be shared with those unable to attend at a scheduled time. This session will explore some tips and tricks to keeping online events engaging and will also include some opportunities to share and learn from each other, as now everyone has attended both great, and not-so-great online events. We’ll look at some best practices, explore different platforms, and discuss ways to make your events appealing and comfortable for your participants.

Jeremy Perry has run countless online events, from running the volunteer teams for the Ignite Festival and International Queer Heart Festivals, to facilitating events to engage people in the provincial elections and running social events for the Rotary Club and groups of friends. Jeremy is currently in the process of launching New Roots, a welcoming service for people who are new to New Westminster. Through events, and the creation of a welcome package, New Roots will help introduce people to the community, and help combat the feelings of isolation when moving to a new place.

Please note: breakout rooms were used in this session but are not included in the recording. Participants did report out on their breakout room discussions.

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