Try holding your putter like this!

Looking Good – Ladies Golf Clothes

In regards to most sports, looking good while playing the game does not have a great amount of importance attached to it, as most require a uniform. Golf is the exception. Ladies golf clothes have come such a long way over the past several years and because of this we now have the option to be very stylish on the course.

Golf Clubs And Golf Equipment – The Basic Essentials

Golf is a game that you can enjoy for a lifetime. You can make it even more enjoyable by using the right equipment, especially the proper golf clubs. Let’s review the clubs that you should carry in your bag:

How a Golf Trolley Helps Maintain Good Body Balance

Increasingly, good physical balance is seen as a crucial issue for older people. With age our muscle strength deteriorates and our ability to balance can also become poorer. Health professionals consider good balance something that needs to be cultivated and maintained throughout our lives. Golf is one sport that specifically relies on good posture and balance to aid your game. Discover how a golf trolley – either electric or a push/pull trolley – can help to alleviate unnecessary physical strain thereby reducing muscle tension and enhancing balance.

Why Golf Requires Good Mental Focus

There is a strong ‘mental’ element to the game of golf and while most competitive sports require a level of thought, planning and strategy in golf is a large part of the game. Golf is certainly one that combines a level of physical activity with the ability to focus on the game and think things through. While zen-like calm and a focused approach are key mental aspects of a successful and enjoyable game of golf, having the right equipment to take some of the physical strain out of the game, such as an electric golf trolley, will certainly help to keep you physically and mentally fresh and focused.

A Slow Transition – Opposing Forces – A Proper Downswing

There are two things that are critical to a proper golf downswing. First, for the amateur, I believe it is more important to have a longer transition than it is for the pro. The amateur needs an additional split second during the transition to contemplate how to begin the downswing. Second, centrifugal force and how the golfer deals with it, plays a major role in how the golf ball is struck. You must be aware of this pulling force against the upper body and resist it.

How to Be a Super Putter With the Belly Putter

The Belly putter has become a extremely popular putter on the PGA Tour. The last two Major event have been won by the belly putter. This article will give the necessary information to become a Super belly putter.

Golf Driver Swing: How To Stop Hooking

Many golfers are frustrated with their golf swing as they can’t seem to keep from hooking the golf ball when they tee off. Here are some tips on how you can stop hooking when taking your golf driver swing.

Do Golf Training Aids Really Work?

There are lots of golf trainings aids available for all sorts of golf swing flaws. If used correctly, do golf training aids really work?

Finding the Right Golf Shoes

Golf is not a high impact sport and is usually played for leisure, but this does not mean that golf is not a physically demanding sport. If your are planning on walking the eighteen holes, you are going to find that golf is a tiring outing. Finding the right golf shoes will make you more comfortable on the course and make you play better.

Simple Golf Warm Up Exercises Improve Your Game

Exercise for golf, are you kidding me? Let me ask, are you one of those golfers who rushes to the course, pulls out your Driver, takes a few practice swings and then heads to the first tee to start your round?

Bushnell V2 Range Finder for Regular Golfers And Tournament Play

Bushnell is a name you can trust and their products are high quality, long lasting and durable. The Bushnell V2 Range Finder is the perfect gadget for all golfers no matter what their skill level. Its a must have item for today’s golfer.

Just Play Golf

There probably isn’t a golfer alive who doesn’t think that they have the skills to shoot lower scores than they actually do. They spend all that time practicing, hoping it will pay off the next time they play, but when the round is over, it’s the same thing – “I’m better than this. What’s wrong?” What’s wrong is that they forgot to just play golf.

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