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Getting the Right Golf Equipment

If you are serious about improving your golf game and becoming the best golfer you are capable of then you need the right set of clubs. Buying a set of clubs off a store shelf is definitely not the best way to get your perfect clubs. Sure you can get some great clubs that way, but are they right for you just because they are rated as the best clubs?

Arthritis and Golf

You are probably reading this article because you have arthritis, but don’t worry, because that does not mean you need to give up golf! Phew, now that that is settled you can take a deep breath and start thinking about getting back on the course.

Golfing in Gran Canaria

The paradise island of Gran Canaria is thought to be the birth place of golf in Spain. The first club to pioneer golf on the island was founded in 1891. It’s easy to see why Gran Canaria is so closely associated with golf, as year round sunshine and dry conditions provide perfect playing conditions.

Golf Basics for the Absolute Beginner: Part III – Short Game and Putting

In my final article I am going to discuss your short game and putting. Both are incredibly important to putting up a good score, if you get on the green in 2 shots, but can’t putt for your life and it takes you 4 putts to put it in the hole, you are killing your score.

Golf Basics for the Absolute Beginner: Part II

In my last article I went over the basic rules for golf and how the course is set up. Here I will discuss the essentials for what you bring with you to the golf course, and your long game. The type of bag you get is not too important as long as it is comfortable to carry, or drag if it has wheels.

The Stress of Competitive Junior Golf on Young Players

The world of competitive junior golf can create a great deal of stress for kids in the 8-18 age range. This article will explore the sources of stress for junior golfers, and ways to help them cope with it. This will result in better performance on the course, and a healthier and more balanced life off the course.

Drive The Golf Ball Further With More Control

Want to hit the golf ball further? Are you lacking control of your drives? If you are a golfer or a trainer working with people who golf you will be interested in the exercises here that will improve you or your clients game!

Correcting a Slice

Like any golf tactic, correcting a slice is mostly a process. Via working your way through the possible reasons, you can eventually find the root of your dilemma. Allow me to share some time-tested tips on correcting a slice. Even though you can find numerous issues that could lead to slicing the ball, some tend to be more frequent than others. One of the most recurrent reasons takes place during address.

Great Golfing Tips for Beginners
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Even though it’s simple to find golfing tips for beginners on the Internet, various reports along with training systems skip over a number of portions that are significant for new golf players. Here are a couple of of the lesser-known golfing tips for beginners.

You Can Hit the Golf Ball Straight

Golfers know that hitting the ball straight is the most difficult skill to acquire. They also know that it is the most important skill they can have. By following the steps below, you can teach yourself how to get it.

Fold The Shoulder, For a Proper Swing

The point of this article is to focus in on one particular aspect of the golf swing and that aspect is the beginning of the shoulder turn. As is true with most things, a good start more times than not leads to a better than average chance at completing the task properly.

Golf Is a Specialized Sport, So It Needs a Specialized Expert Witness

An expert golf witness is critical to any dispute involving golf. In addition to retaining an intelligent and well-meaning expert, it is important for the expert golf witness to portray an air of credulity and openness.

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