The Only Simple Bunker Lesson You Need

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If you are struggling with how to escape greenside bunkers, have no idea how to approach a greenside bunker shot, or just have an overall fear of greenside bunker shots, these bunker tips will help you erase some common golf swing mistakes.

In this video, we touch base on the 3 most common reasons we see the average golfer struggling to play bunker shots, as well as some simple bunker shots made easy solutions to help you get out of the bunker on the first shot!

Ball Position – when it comes to greenside bunkers, golfers tend to have improper ball position when they set up to hit the shot.

Length of Swing – amateur golfers tend to be a little timid with their golf swing when hitting a greenside bunker shot, which leads to a short swing that doesn’t get the ball out of the bunker.

Pressure on the feet – golfers may start with a proper weight distribution at address, but once they start the swing, they tend to move the weight back to try getting some air on their shot, which leads to poor contact and a bad shot.

Luckily, with a little direction and practice, greenside bunker shots do not have to be too difficult, and soon you will be navigating bunkers with confidence and ease!

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