In order to play your best golf, you need to learn the proper golf grip. This means you need both the left and right hand in a neutral position. This tip explains the grip in a close up format so you can follow along. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced player this is the best golf grip for both distance and consistency.

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The reason for the neutral grip vs a strong grip is so you can have loose wrists when you swing. The looser your wrists, the more clubhead speed. If you are someone who has a strong grip but you keep hooking the ball and are inconsistent, you should definitely give the neutral grip a try.

Most people who change from a strong to neutral grip don’t give it enough time so they go right back to their old grip. In my experience, it takes placing the right and left hand on in a neutral position, then without moving them, hit about 30 golf balls in a row with the ball on a tee to make it easier.

At first, you’ll hit thin, pushed and sliced shots but by repeating it consecutively, you start to get used to the neutral position of both hands and get the ball back on line hitting it much straighter than you ever have.

To learn the proper neutral grip, please take out a club so you can follow along as this video is shot from your point of view in step by step format.

This neutral grip does not change as you change clubs. So your driver grip is the same grip you will be learning in this tip. All clubs (unless you’re hitting a specialty shot) have both the right and left hand in this neutral position.

I know it will feel uncomfortable but you need to stick with it. If so you will learn the neutral grip and see the advantage of it in the future.

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