The 5 WORST ALIGNMENT MISTAKES Golfers Make & How To Easily Fix Them

So you have worked on your swing and are now able to hit beautiful straight shots just like you visualise them……… but thats not much use if you are not able to aim correctly when out on the course.

Thats why in this video i’m sharing with you the 5 worst alignment mistakes golfer make & how to easily fix them.

Good alignment is something that all of us can achieve, to do this all you need is a few key pieces of information and a few vitally important elements to your routine and in this video i share with you exactly what they are.

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00:00 Intro
01:43 The walk in
3:13 Intermediate target
5:18 The head lift
7:44 Mis matched alignment
9:51 Adjusting your aim
11:26 Bonus tip

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