Why You Can NOT Hit Your 3 Wood From The GROUND

Mark Crossfield golf professional talks why you can not hit your 3 wood from the ground. Golfers have struggled with the fairway wood from the ground for years and in todays golf video Mark talks through some simple golf tips to help you with your 3 wood from the ground for better approach shots. Hitting your 3 wood consistently and making good distance from the fairway or semi rough can be a huge advantage to golfers looking to lower scores and improve their golf games. 3 wood or what ever loft your fairway wood is from the deck can allow you to closer to the green and reduce your chances of bogeys and doubles, struggling with your long approach play and topping 3 woods from the ground or slicing therm into trouble will make you have to lay up leading to more missed greens and higher golf scores.

Do you play a 3 wood from the ground or are you only hitting it from the tee?

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