golf for uncoordinated dorks – patent

this video is just for patent purposes, since the date and core content of youtube videos cannot be edited. this is the link to the tutorial –

table of contents

I. my core principles (theories)
1. dyslexia principle
– brain CPU lag
2. the golf ball is a moving target (relative motion principle)
3. avoid unnecessary hinges (hinge minimization principle)
4. practice bounce tactic
II. tutorial scope
III. essence of golf
IV. SMART goals
V. the grip
VI. applications of my core techniques and theories
A. stance alignment
B. putting
C. body posture, wrist angle, elbow angle and shaft position
D. chipping/pitching
E. regular swing
1. ball placement
2. 120 degree (full) swing
3. 90 degree (conservative) swing
4. 67 degree (3/4) swing
5. 45 degree (quarter) swing
F. ball above or below your feet (side hill shots)
G. bunker shot
VII. more tips
A. golf is forgiving, and that’s bad
B. reproducing errors
C. practice tips
D. finding a swing doctor
E. hitting cage math
F. respect the moosh
G. bias top ball on table top greens
H. your microbiome is a big factor in golf
I. distance of my clubs
J. controlling ball trajectory
K. tree under

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