Swing Inside Out (Start Doing This Drill)

So many people want to learn how to swing inside out at the golf ball but few ever master it. This is because they don’t know what allows this inside out swing path to happen.

Here is a drill you should start doing asap to learn how and why the club swings inside out at the ball instead of coming over the top. Learning to swing inside out gets you half of a draw or straight shots. This coupled with the release creates direct contact instead of cutting across the ball putting slice spin on your shots.

You need to start doing this drill right away as it takes a little while to change how you have been swinging in the past. Over time, you will train yourself to swing inside out at the ball forever.

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So if you want to learn a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing one of The best ways to do that is by doing Practice swings but not just any Practice swings the practice swings I Like people to do are swings off the Ground literally holding the golf club In the air and why I want you to do that Is because if you're elevating the club In the air there is nothing to hit In the air all right so that's one of The big things that's holding people Back they want to try and hit that golf Ball and hit it hard Even if you were doing practice swings Down on the ground there can still be The thought of oh I'm gonna hit that Blade of grass right there you know I've Had people say oh you know I've been Hitting those dandelions in my backyard That's hitting okay because there's an Object there your brain is still telling You to hit So why not Elevate the golf club if you Hold the golf club at about knee high There's nothing to hit so you're not Thinking hit so if you're not thinking Hit now you can get used to certain Moves that you need in your swing So this is great for people that are in A winter climate you know if you're at Home and you can't make it out to the Range you can literally be doing these Practice swings anywhere okay so there

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Is no excuse for you not to be able to Learn Different you know learn a great swing You know learn certain moves in your Swing because you need to be doing this Stuff you know as much as you can so if You can just do some of these things Around the house then you know you're Going to get this stuff a lot faster so This tip is holding the club up in the Air And we're working on our body tilt so if You don't know one of the main swing Flaws people do is called coming over The top so or swinging outside to in so If this is my target line right here my Club is moving from outside of it To inside of it cutting across the ball If the face is square to that path you Pull it close to the path you pull hook It open to the path you pull slice it Severely open you push slice it all Right all of those shots have you coming Over the top So why would you come over the top well Like I said you're trying to hit the Ball and you're trying to hit it hard With your arms if you're up here you're At the top you're trying to hit that Ball here guess what you're gonna do You're going to lean forward If you lean forward you send the club Over the top so right here if I go like This and I lean forward my club swings

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Over the top right here over the top Ball's going over there Okay so let's learn to tilt Back behind the ball As we're coming down instead of moving Forward So this one real simple we can just be Holding the club in the air like this You go into your back swing we're going To tilt like this As we swing Down and through so we're here we take It back And we tilt back okay so watch if I'm up Here like this I'm at the top now I tilt back See how the club swings out At the ball Okay it's swinging out because I'm Tilted back So just imagine if you sat there and You know pretty much every day you do 25 50 100 of those swings Well how long is it going to take you to Stop swinging like this And start swinging like this What's that a week two weeks A month You know small price to pay for changing The path of the golf club you get the Club attacking more from the inside You're going to make more direct contact With the ball If the face is square to that path

You're going to hit the ball nice and Straight right down your target line Instead of hitting the ball at a Glancing blow with the face open or Closed you know and that's going to move It offline So for the sake of just incorporating Some of these simple little drills into Your practice routine and just kind of Daily schedule work do this stuff for Like five minutes Okay let's say you're you know middle of Winter and there's snow on the ground And you can't get out there well To practice swings for five or ten Minutes learn this stuff While you're in winter so then you can Play Great Golf when you're in summer Why would you hang up the golf clubs In the winter now you have to work on it In the summer when you should be playing Great Golf so for the sake of doing a Few practice swings you can make these Changes over the winter All right so like I said we're here We're gonna go to the top then we're Going to tilt And we're gonna swing okay so right here Just think of your body tilt tilt Forward you send it over the top Tilt back you attack from the inside so Elevate the club knee high do not lower The club okay this is what everybody Does they start here and in two seconds

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They're down here again Don't do that if you're holding it in The air hold it in the air take it back Tilt And then swing right here ready tilt Swing So you get used to the feeling of Hitting a golf ball from here Every Pro in the world is here Okay so You need to incorporate that into your Swing once you do that you'll get the Right path and like I said You will hit the ball longer and Straighter than ever I truly hope you've Enjoyed this tip here's another tip That's going to help you improve your Swing now right below that don't forget To click on that link because I'm going To send you some free samples of my body Swing book and video series that'll take You step by step by step through how to Build a powerful effortless pain-free Golf swing