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Welcome back to another episode of break 75 here at very windy blustery Ely Golf Club Great job wind An absolute rip snore to Oh Well I'm guessing that's perfect I Should be Oh lovely yeah golf shop I always loved A reveal this is something else it's Gorgeous Oh the birdie man all right she'll see It's never a time every moment if you Want to drop a birdie put in this feels Like it is Uh we are not far from Saint Andrews About 20 minutes down the road and this Is a very very unique golf course it's So unique I've just been in the little Starters Hut and you actually use a Periscope a real-life Periscope which Was bought from a submarine for just 75 Pounds and what it allows you to do is Look over the hill here on the first and See the green it's just a unique place Now we might get wet today we might get Blown away today this is proper Scottish Weather here at the end of November Early December but either way we're Gonna go battling around this golf Course now you saw last week's episode Hopefully you enjoyed it it's one of my Favorites ever let's keep that good vibe Going okay let's go out there and break

75. now this golf course again is unique The 16 par fours and two par threes no Power fives par 70. I'm playing with Guys today who honestly on the Range Keep saying this has been striping it Like a tour pro so let's see what Happens But I think today might just be about Surviving The elements but also let's see if we Embrace 75. okay here we go first off Powerful up the hill Um the pro Michael has encouraged us to Hit driver yes and so we're gonna do it We're gonna do what he said Uh what are you thinking about this one I'm cold and it's windy if I can break 85 today I'll be very very chuffed if You can break 75 or by your game 15 Pounds worth of gifts you're on okay I'm Gonna go fly left to the market drive a Par four first hole you can't see the Green that's why we've just used the Periscope Um I mean this is so cool it's such a Unique golf course already let's go Let's start strong I sometimes get my left and right mixed Up is that all right just right at the Marker should be fine Yeah good ball bullets that'll Chase Came to play today don't you worry okay I'm also using a yellow ball today so Don't judge me I don't normally but I

Just feel like it's that type of weather You should use a yellow ball in okay 152 Yards to the front of the green very Much downwind I think it's going to Bounce and hop and Skip I think it's Going to come out hot out this rough so I'm actually gonna just get a pitching Wedge I don't even think it's a hard one of These right come on Battle these elements today left side of The Flag Land it short pop it on Get off it wind That wind is strong I think the back of the green and Honestly I felt like I tried to chip that about 120 yards and it's got about 170. wow What a drive that was very long how Long's the hole for 4 30 or something That's only 380. I'm very happy that one It was that's the thing with wind behind Downhill catch all these they're slow And here good drive yeah 420 off the Batis Nice I would put this it's not fiber Putter Um I would put this I'm gonna try and Bump it on a tie in up the left side so It feed in and start off with a birdie Would be an absolute Dream well let's See wish me luck just an update on the Weather by the way 25 miles per hour Winds probably gusting over that as well

Over into the 30s Oh look at this guy Hit the flag and go in I actually know it's almost impossible To get wet I thought I was going to be Sure if anything we just kept going Happy with that though that was a nice Uh nice technique I feel like that okay Just off off the back of the green I Actually can't believe how far that Pitching wedge just went I'd rather Smash this back up the hill now and back Into the wind Foreign Okay this is normally In normal conditions a 284 yard Par Four Comfortably with the hitting driver on The screen yes today it might as well be A part five you know what's mad it Sounds so obvious but when behind it Feels so easy you then flip and go the Opposite way and it's just so so Difficult Um driver and see if I can get it past 200 yards Great job yeah I know Yeah it might have just got past 160 Yards Wow try to go too stingy 114 yards to the front uphill Howling went into the face probably Would normally be like a 50 degree wedge But I think a 99s are needed here After absolutely ripping my drive

It's gone 200 yards I've got 82 yards left into this flag Pins at the front I've gone up three clubs I'm just worried it's not enough I'm Gonna try and hit like a really trappy Pitching wedge It went up and it went up and it went up Interesting shot Philly out here Okay third shot just off the side of the Green Ah Play this whole very very silly try to Chip a driver I don't know why under Club bike three clubs Then tried to chip it on a three Ward Which is very silly as well so now I've Got to uh think of 54th apart so all in A day's work Imagine Okay down the hill wind off the right Thank you Ah I thought the wind had to move it We take Bogey's Isn't good there I'm go I'm a bit Worried about that I know it was a tough Hole but great t-shirt A little error on the second and the Poor chip and I thought I had that Thought I'll be honest right so Rick With two holes in that bogey was our Fault let's be honest but the wind Obviously made it so much harder

Realistically now What is your actual goal today it still Breaks only fast really yeah I do it's a Brave man I feel like that that error I Could have done that Arrow without any Wind I think you've got to take Advantage of the holes downwind yeah Into wind it's just gonna be fight for Your life but I think I think this bird Is out here my only concern is no path Eyes on this golf course yes and often That's the holes I've heard it Um and there's only two par threes I Think this is one of them and it Wouldn't surprise me if we're hitting Driver you know the benches have blown Over the sea is crashing to the shore It's tough I genuinely generally if I Can break 85 today I'll be very happy With that Um but equally there's some short path Falls in behind you never know you never Know stranger things have happened okay It's not a driver it's only 185 to the Flag Pen is a wind is hard off the left but It's downhill I'm going to just rifle the fall right At it Oh the wind It's going to be pin High to the right Okay I'm gonna go four Iron Chip and run Too much caught Okay free hopefully a pretty

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Straightforward bunker shot get it out The bunker everything rolls towards the Pin and there's even a bit of a backstop Behind it so There's not really any excuses if this Isn't like within the length of a golf Club really Yeah that shot Okay I am less than the club length away From this wall luckily I'm no closer Because it means I can actually get a Swing on this Pop onto the green let it roll down let It clumber nice and close to the flag Can be aggressive it's into wind Foreign Great shot why thank you Headset you fool that was a bad strike Well done great up and down thank you We'll keep the show on the road okay Fourth hole Par Four 370 yards but it looks a Million Um it's like dug like to the left a Couple of Huts down there which are Going to smash it straight after wind's Still off the left We've gone for a professional mess cut The wind there If you feel sheltered down here just Because like you're basically someone's Back Garden so you feel you've kind of Lowered down and it feels like the Wind's not as harsh but it definitely is

It's still moving hard off the left as Soon as it gets above the rooftops There you go 122 to this flag I have to bail it out a Little bit right but it was a good miss Again off the teeth honestly this hole Looks so long but now we're down here It's actually not that far Um it doesn't mean it's easy Right no no I need to use my math here Now I need to use my brain I would normally hit gut wedge today's That's not going to work because it's Hard wind off the left I mean I could picture I think it's like A chippy nine iron I think it's three Clubs big three clubs Long Yeah I've got chippy nine Wind oh you are having a laugh I think we're on the green but that's Gone I'm confused about art shot actually I Think I played it too good I believe I Played it too low Got it really getting why is man getting Killed by the wind is that trap again Oh it's huge spin Ah okay I'm on the green Um Sounds silly because I shouldn't be Disappointed with this but I did feel Like I got the distance control so good I was surprised that the wind didn't Bring it back closer to the flag but

We're putting we've got to go over this Almost side It's like a split in the middle of the Green where it's like a bit of a roller Coaster so we've got to get to that Point and it'll be fast from Beyond There To put par Oh I had a look I could do with this this just needs Touching Oh a bit more than touch I can't believe I actually finished up I thought that Wind as well okay straight put back up The hill for par Pop there's another way though that's All we've got to do today keep making Those paths nothing silly today that's The plan nothing silly Yep Well done in the end oh I get a fifth Hour back into win right back into win Now at 365 yards uh these holes at the Moment going through the town are tough They are I believe once we start to get Onto around the 10th and inwards you get The real Scenic holes And I've got a funny feeling Scenic Means ocean an ocean means wind more of It right driver straight down Yeah nice okay so I'm gonna put in my Round now we're on three over par Through four holes

And it could go one way that it could be Like loads and loads and loads of other Bugs to finish like 90 or something like That or instead of [ __ ] maybe a few Parts and a nice little bird in before You know I've got a good scorecard going So it's positive thinking no Sulkin Paws birdies are my friend Drive An absolute rip snorter that was a bit Very nice Okay 128 yards away Let me just double check Yeah straight back into wind Um Again this would be normally a pitching Wedge maybe even a hammered gap wedge I Feel like this is a chippy six iron All right Got 100 yards but I really can't cheat For a little nine iron which should be Well too much Club But I don't want to come up short Ing off again why is that so much shape So hard Okay I've just flown it through the Green with that chippy six iron I Actually like the way I played that I'm Sure it wasn't favorable I just didn't Know more green was to the left Um I have been chipping a lot lot better But I don't fancy this one for some Reason so I'm gonna have to go putter I

Know it's a hopefully it's the right Choice I think it is it's the safe shot Anyway Ah smashed it Oh Barefoot okay to salvage the power Right to left up the hill Oh Oh stop it out that was a good point as Well Ah What was I literally just staying on the Last hole don't do anything silly Ah that's annoying Yeah well done Okay this is a bit of a blind t-shirt There's a marker though which I'm Guessing obviously we go over I feel Like it'll still go downhill right yeah It's only 3 10. they're 316 this whole But again the wind's giving us no favors By the first hole it's always been Hurting you know what's mad but people Watching this video who've played here Before in different conditions they'll Be thinking like God you hit that club There and they've like a wedge or Something yeah the wet wind can make Such a difference but and to the locals It'll be like this ain't windy yeah you Know what else is also hurting my heart I've got double bogey annoyed anyway Ball I'm guessing that's perfect I should be

Thank you Okay driver instead of the ship let's Try and make some birdies Ah lovely Yeah that's even better We're both pretty much near the marker Or over it okay I think we get the first glimpse of what This golf course is all about as we get Over this hill The North Sea presents itself Wow this is really iconic oh there's Loads of bunkers down here no full well I'm gonna be into them oh wow what that Is a that is a beautiful scene right the Little size three bunkers And for novices like us we've not played Here before the sensible thing was to Look at the course planner that the Starters gave us we couldn't do that we Might be one of these bunkers If not we're on the green so I'm here For an edge of the green managed to Navigate those bunkers didn't need to Know they were there All right for eagle Off my second shot on this Par Four Gotta get over this baby This buried whale And it's gonna go down the hill and Shoot down I literally need to get this Port to here If he gets to there it'll get all the Way down

It's going to be absolutely rapido Oh I honestly thought I was going to be Rapid okay two birdies here pal I think a birdie with that backdrop and He just adds a little bit extra to the Pot Oh agonizing Okay quite a big left to right Slightly up the hill For birdie And for a bounce back after that Disappointing last hole Yes side door spash side door it's best Well done my friends needed that Seventh hole Par Four win in tune off The right it's like every holes and into The house driver gone back in land for a Couple of holes I've had lots of things Foreign Okay so we're both pin high of this hole Slightly left Rick's is pretty decent Mines are not quite as good Pros and cons Are the debunker to get over which isn't Very nice Pros are there's a bit of a Shelf behind the flag that could kind of Stuff on or come back off and I also got To breathe into the face so you can hit Your lower Bridge a bit harder get it in The air and hope it'll land a bit softer So the one thing I do not want to do and If I do it destroy me in the comments I'll deserve it I am not going to put

This ball in the bunker it's going over The bunker if this ball goes in the Bunker just comment guy is a massive Head okay just feel free Foreign A little bit punished but happy with That second shot Similar if the guy I've got to get Go over the corner of this bunker Depends how aggressive I want to be I feel like a height it's the only way This ball is going to stop I just didn't catch it okay longer Birdie put and I wanted on this hole That is very nice well done my friend Thank you I would honestly love to join You No Okay Par Four eighth hole Uh ever slight dug leg left Downwinder Let's open up let's open up the Shoulders Perfect That could be with that shape that could Be brilliant yeah golf shop Could actually be quite nice I felt a Little bit bad over there clowns are Quite fluffy but It's quite close Okay 82 yards to the flag But we're so much downwind and I think it's going to get a power boost From the front of the green I'm going to

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Try and land this about 70. just to the Right of the flag That feeds in like mine that'll be great Just ran on a touch To be honest I mean it's go right at the Flag I pulled it a touch Come on well this Putters warming up Let's see if we can box one more Oh that's it ah Yeah all right come on guys get some Birds I would love to get one I feel Like I do deserve one at the last few Holes Yes yeah very good port Thank you played that hole lovely oh Yeah nice to get a birdie helps a score On this is what I said before about that Steady in the [ __ ] A few powers in the bird you're not too Over through eight it's pretty pretty Happy with this condition so we're on Hole nine down back towards the ocean But into the teeth this time and it's 440 yards so it's a long one No it's caught a lot wow get right at The bunker Okay on that house it's time to drill it Down there Yeah Moneyball That works you know what you actually Can play golf sometimes sometimes you Really can play golf okay got 200 yards To the front of the green it's just Gonna play a long way so I'm gonna try

And like chippy Punchy Stinger through Iron let's get it somewhat close to the Green Oh no I'll stop and slicing it the wind's just Really put me on okay after one of my Greatest drives I've hit possibly this Year Just because of how tough the shot was Into when smart bang is another Fairway 170 yards to the middle of the green the Pins hidden well the greens hidden from Here we can actually just see the top of The flags Um yes I'm saying Flags plural because On the 9th and 18th here at Ely they Have two flags on yellow and a red to to Identify that's the ending of a nine Holes or an 18 holes unique I've never Seen that before okay Um straight back into wind Wind wind I can't quite tell I'm getting a little Thumbs up from guy which might just be Telling me it's okay it looked like it Maybe landed a tiny bit too short But a nice execution of the shot at Least so guy was just telling me that I Got very unlucky because he was watching From there it landed on this hill and it Could have easily sweeped around to the Flag just finished off the green pin High which I shouldn't be too Disappointed about but oh I thought

Further right and that could have got Very very close to the hole Go Okay so just off the green this is going To be pretty rapid The flag might just have to get in the Way of this and Let It Drop in be really Really happy if I can get level power Through the front knife I was kind of a bit timid on that I Thought that was going to finish there Oh really yeah I did it's just stayed Low all the time and only yeah it's a Good patch don't forget I need a great Shot with a good part in the Solar yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah I've got this for stage two over I feel like I've left with you in the Jaws Three over Double flag Tell you what so far Great Golf Course And Re-explained nicely and as you saw last Week with Iona he was playing well this Week he's playing quite well so I think He's kind of fingers crossed Um he's over the worst of it with his Golfing worlds and it's a new Rick Shields on the horizon and let's break Something fives on today let's be honest How how low can you go Yeah money A reveal Wow Wow on a golf course

All right you get to the top of the hill And you just have no idea what's going To be over here Wow Oh So this might might go down as the Longest put we've had on the channel But I honestly don't see the advantage For me to try and Chip this so I'm going To try and knock it down there with a Putter That could be huge Smashed it Okay for birdie up the hill Oh this is going to be a very annoying Hole if I bogey this He saves it if I didn't pour that I Would have been I would have been mad This is something else This is really really special It's gorgeous Just look at that just haven't wander Around and have a look at that I mean it's absolutely breathtaking And what's more breathtaking Is this a little cheeky path three only The second on the golf course I'll tell You what a hole in one here I don't know why I don't know why but I'm feeling one I got a little thumbs up I think it is Enough Big hop Oh it's pretty good oh yeah nice shot

Mate okay both hit the green but nothing Special this pins quite hard to get Close to on a down win daylight today in In Great pot okay birdie pot cross the Green oh I've noticed it that might get Going though Yeah it's all right Yep ah take a power on there right this Is a mega hole it's taking quite a bit Of thought because me and guy have never Played here where the hell to aim yeah Because like it's hard to get a Perspective but I think we've got a line It's perfectly safe Yeah Pretty good Yeah that's all right as well got one Nine two to front of the green The wind is seriously helping so I'm Thinking a really well hit Six iron should be the club Oh I missed that trap Not great oh this is 160 yards to the Front of the green playing 170 to the Flag and you try and just chip a nine Little three-quarter one Right it's good it's a number that Should be good I I don't actually about The Million Miles Away Oh no Okay not a bad second shot in there I'm Actually

Officially not on the green all right Two yards sure but actually there's a Place it's not bad at all because the Pin's just on this little front Shelf Oh He sent it but on the second class just Waiting to see if there's any cost of Winning that's not that strong Another power on the card Rick I've got A question for you yeah last round for The owner you killed it today so far you Played very very nice I'm sure it's Going to continue what's changed how Have you done it I definitely think the Practice and then just Having faith so sometimes when you're Not playing well all you can see is Bogies yeah like when you almost can't Envision making Parts weirdly I did see A glimpse of good stuff at Mia but it Obviously had a few bad holes still this I saw a few good bits again but not Great I'd kind of chased the score Obviously I think a crail that was a Real confidence boost and I've just kind Of brought that into today really it's Generally right now I know we've got Holes left to play I've been very Surprised if I didn't break 75 today Where on all the golf courses more Recently I can't even Vision it I can't Even picture me shooting under 75. Hopefully that gives everyone watching Confidence that we all have bad spells

But if you keep perhaps in put some Effort in Done that tell you what that actually Won't be faster trap you know Yeah it's fine so Rick's actually short Of that bunker which is perfect he Deserved it it's a great hit I've got One 68 to the PIN I'm gonna absolutely flush an eight iron Go on please that was nailed okay so I'm 100 An 18 yards away nowhere near that Bunker we were worried about gotta get Over that full shelf we're gonna hit a Little sandwich Okay very disappointing wedge shot there I should have hit that much closer A big big big big big big big slope now Up the hill to put absolutely essential I feel It's not up the hill Really really bad that oh that's an Overlap it's great iron shot from the T Really bad wedge and then a really bad Pot right for par still a massive Swinging put off the right From 120 yards out from the green now That is absolutely horrendous Now it's went through the break Okay 14th hole Par Four uh downwind it's Going to be a Grip it and rip it moment Yeah good ball hold it a fracture that Could be big if it bounces into the

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Third Way which it won't but Oh I'd like to be okay get rid of all The bunkers waiting the bunker Okay so I've got one three seven to the Pin and I'll just kind of cut a rough Might a bit of a fly so I'm gonna try And hit a nice pitching wedge nice and Smooth Be the number Pretty good Pin High I think okay I'm in the bunker 130 yards to the front I said something earlier on in around The gulf but the plan today is not to do Anything silly I might just be about to do something Silly I'm going for it gap wedge If I can clip it Absolutely perfectly I'll get on the Green if I don't Well let's not think about it oh Somewhere in between Took his medicine nice lay the land it Was in the blood I'm joking Oh just caught it a little bit heavy but At least it's out it's down there okay Third shot now on this Par Four it's Only a little flick from here at 50 Yards or so Not bad nice strike Beautiful speed thank you I feel like The last few holes you just started to Get your speed dialed in yeah Right what feels like an important part

Up the hill left to right So I can't actually not stayed out good Pot oh silly bogey back to back Oh From nowhere Really I felt like I was in control on That three over par L 15 this one looks interesting only 338 Flip-fold I'm gonna be okay again should We find that path I know that Rick has Got some Venom built up so we can get Absolutely likes this one probably make An eagle so thank you oh And there was one thing I like about Rick Shields if you say to him hit it Over this marker he hits it over that Marker and if you threaten to Unsubscribe I'm gonna make two birds Okay after a decent tee shot Over the hill we've got 100 yards left This flag I'm going to chip a little Pitching wedge I think I probably could chip a nine but I also think if this pitching match Comes short everything shoots down Towards the flag This is a big Port off the green coming Onto the green all downhill Into the wind Anything within the length of a club From the hull I would be very happy with Slow hit and slow hit or slow that's Huge okay downhill Big big big breaking off the right huge

Swing just going to try and Nestle this Down not go too greedy If it drops and it drops in but if not The tapping power is what I want Them hide what you get Okay 16 Par Four Winds helping I think I think wind will Be helping last three holes now perfect Yeah right on the mark a low spin drawer That will be huge Thank you There's a few bunkers in the course Planner but they should be that should Be over those ones should be that wind Okay I've got 114 yards to the flag Wind is really helping So I'm thinking like a nice kind of Three quarters of full Scap wedge 50 degree wedge which is a Really good chance of Birdie this now A bit heavy what could be good go stick Okay second shot into 60 I'm 97 yards away from the flag I feel like it said just landed two Yards short and hop and drop and stop So anyway we're gonna get close to that Flag 60 degree downwind Of skinned it it's too hard Oh are they pitched in oh okay so after My thin shot this is where it pitched And it just ran on a few extra yards Like I said I just caught it A little bit clean let's say long put

For guy coming up Almost decent all right shieldsie Several time every moment ever a hole You want to drop a birdie put in this Feels like it is up the hill right to Left See I don't know Yes Well Dylan what a pot what a pot Fancied that he fancied it he called it Delivered it Well done Nice that was lovely pop Okay 17 Par Four straight back down Winds coming off the right helping a Little bit really nice hole this come on Two good drives to go That's one A little cup Club trial as well I know Just a little one spoiling us Nope Okay so Rick is right down the middle of The Fairway which is nice the bad news Is I'm in the rough with 215 yards to The flag and again it's obviously a par Four because there's no par fives here So these are really Smasher five iron Committed firefighting at that flag Of course then it's gonna maybe miss That trap I lifting it hands up I find it a little Bit About two foot Eric says drones up now You'll be seeing it right now

I'm happy with that right guy after a Wonderfully judged shot thank you It was struck well not thin You're up two foot away so you give me a Nice marker I'm gonna go nine iron from 165 yards wind helping ever so slightly And I think it might hop and Skip and Jump once it lands Oh it's a bit drawery All right would have got there too okay On the Green But a mile away should have missed it Closer from there really it was a good Strike and the perfect distance but I'm Right across the green downhill Really struggle those downhills today in My head I know the fast And I'm thinking well it's winter greens Aren't like stupidly fast and I'm kind Of second guessing myself which is not What you should be doing uphill put an Alpha path Yes she held his nerve The Voice It had a little It wasn't sure I'll be honest it wasn't Sure right this will be but it went in a Huge birdie that's a big crazy birthday Needed that one right last hole it's Been an adventure today we started with Huge winds 25 miles per hour winds and Gusting up to 30. it was a battle it Really was to get through these first Three holes but as we've started to come Home it's settled down and we've

Actually got a couple of respectable Scores going last hole Par Four Um I think it's a makes you think this Whole couple of throwings we're going to Be hitting I've enjoyed this place I Really have certainly the holes out Towards the coast were absolutely Amazing Um yeah really really interesting and I've said it a few times very unique Golf course Well it's not great So What's up sit My goodness that was lucky and unlucky Took a huge bounce towards a bum because It does not feel lucky but then stopped About six inches short Well enough Ah I haven't put myself in the bunker That I absolutely didn't even think was A was an option to go in right annoyed The lack of concentration bad strike With that long guy and I should have Just hit driver I don't know why I Whimped out on that I've been hitting Drivers so good all day And I'm 154 yards to the front of the Green and I'm in a massive bunker So I'm gonna have to just wedge it out I'm afraid put myself back in play this Fairway actually looks quite hard to hit All I could have done

Ah silly silly boy okay 100 yards on the nose Very little wind if anything Time to step up and get up and down I'm just gonna keep left slightly left Of the flag Pin High Leave myself a three footer Walk off with a par Spin off Not quite the left of the pin I was Going for but half a chance if I two Pull I've shot 74 so I've also broke 75 So be very happy with after the start we Had Stay oh oh no oh no Oh that's not what I wanted Nice well done pal 74 good golf happy With that considering from the start Your expectation levels were yeah much Higher I think I just got to show if you Have a bad start but you can just just About cling on don't know what could Happen Okay so this puts for a 72 For the very adventurous part on the Last uphill right to left I've had a Couple of these today and I've boxed Them so let's use that positive energy It's holiday oh Damn 73 yeah thanks guys enjoyed that pal Well done enjoyed the round You were beautiful thanks for watching Guys that's another successful break 75 Three over let's get in there

So a little bit shortly it's getting There like And subscribe we'll see you Next time peace