Analyze golf swings with plane lines using free apps, video, iPhone or Android camera devices

Learn how to video and analyze your golf swing like the pros using your iPhone or Android camera and free apps to draw swing plane lines and understand how your club and body should move throughout the swing. The free software or app used is called Technique by Hudl and is available on iPhone and Android smartphones. Simply video your golf swing and draw the swing plane lines as instructed. Use the slow motion and freeze frame to identify swing flaws and learn how to correct them.

Golf professionals such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIIroy and Justin Thomas use video and computers to fine tune their golf swings using software to make sure their swings are on plane to hit the ball long and straight.

One Game Changer has taken the best tips and instruction from Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter and other highly rated golf coaches and summarized the lessons in our easy to understand videos.

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