SIMPLE THOUGHT (For Longer Straighter Shots)

Everyone wants more distance and consistency. A thought that has been around for a long time is to keep the club away from you as you swing. Doing this will help widen your swing arc. The wider the arc, the more clubhead speed which means more distance. If you widen your swing arc you also hit the center of the club more which gives you more solid shots.

Although this thought has been around for a long time, few people have ever even tried it or worked on for any period of time. If you haven’t tried it then start doing it now.

Just realize that keeping the club away from you is tricky for most people. This is because it feels different and weird as you swing the club. To get used to it, just take it in 2 steps. This will allow you to start off slowly and get used to the new feeling. Once you start feeling it add the second part.

To do this drill, I would tee up a 7 iron and hit 30-50 yard shots. If it’s winter this this no excuse. You can literally be doing practice swings at home working on this and getting used to it so when the season starts you will have changed your swing. Everyone wants more distance and consistency. To get it, you need to work on your swing and learn a few new thoughts, feelings and movements to allow you to get it.

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In this tip I'm talking about keeping The club away from you So this has been around for a while you Know it really kind of dawned on me the Other day we had a golf school I had a Gentleman Senior gentleman he was probably uh 70 Mid 70s You know not really hitting it very far At all but he kept bringing the Club Close to him So if you bring the Club close to you You get a narrower swing Arc we want a Wide Arc to generate more Club head Speed so basically this gentleman's Swing kind of looked like this so he was Here just when he started taking it back He immediately broke his lead arm And the club almost hit his neck right Here And then he swung it down doing a Chicken wing through impact and then he Basically did the opposite on the other Side So imagine if you took someone like that And not hitting it very far and keeping The Club close and then You got the club to stay away Wider Arc a lot more Club head speed the Shots should be you know dramatically Longer So that's what we did but we did it in Kind of two steps so first thought was Okay let's do a little three-quarter

Swings but just since the club And you keeping it away So you got to start somewhere with a lot Of this stuff and you know I think That's one of the problems people try to Do things and they think they're going To do it incredibly you know or Perfectly right out of the gate And if they don't then they go right Back to the other golf swing okay so if You're working on something you got to Give it enough time to start seeing some Results So for this gentleman Again I just I literally had him think Keep the club away keep the club away Keep the club away we teed up the ball And then we just hit little shots like This Okay now that alone Started to be a lot better than what he Was doing because he was literally just Picking it up with his arms buckling Chicken wing through impact and then Doing the opposite on that side like That is just that kind of Swing is just Not really going to produce Very powerful shots So after you know about halfway through The first day I then kind of added The second part to it and got him to Start hinging his wrists so we stretched It out so we got rid of the bend here


And then we put the hinge in in the Wrists not in the elbow All right and that's when things really Started to change so two simple thoughts On each side so it would be Keep the club away Hinge a little bit in your wrists like Don't bring it close to your neck okay It's just to get the hinge In the wrists And then keep the club away And then let it re-inch all right so Again we started with this okay just Keeping it wide Back like that little bit of hinge right Here in your wrist you could literally Go thumbs up Swing through thumbs up on that side Okay then His swing started to look kind of like This just kind of slow Okay And if you look at that Like that's starting to change the shape Of the swing and it's starting to look Half decent Versus Literally this and this Which is seriously going to go nowhere All right so just a simple thought for Today And this has been around for a long time But you know I keep watching people at Our range right over here and a lot of

People just right now hitting balls are Bringing the Club close you want to keep The club away so you create a wider Arc Which in turn Translates into more Club head speed you Got to start somewhere So take it in steps just like that Gentleman did Wide wide okay A little bit of hinge Wide and then a little bit of hinge give That a try widen the arc you'll start to Hit the ball a lot longer I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing

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