How to Break 90 in Golf Shot by Shot Course Management

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The golf stuff we use:



I show you all 87 shots I took using my system to break 90 on any golf course from any tees. Shorter tees will be easier of course.
Use this video in addition to my Ultimate Guide to Breaking 90

What you’ll notice in this video is:
1. I hit 6 iron off every tee except par 3’s. The idea is to hit it 170-180 yards off the tee and into the fairway. The more forgiving club may go less distance but you’ll never been in trouble.

2. I didn’t lose a single golf ball. I used the Srixon Soft Feel to show you that you don’t need a high performance Tour ball.

3. I split approaches of longer than 180 yards into 2 shots. Usually two pitching wedges or gap wedges. So instead of hitting a fairway wood 190 yards and pitching from 30 yards, I hit two gap wedges to make life easier for me and take all danger out of play.

4. Chipping is very important. By that I mean, just get the ball on the green. It doesn’t have to be chipped close. It just needs to be on the green. Be aggressive.

5. I only three putted once. You need to practice putting to become a consistent two putter. Check out my guide on putting here

6. I holed almost every single putt inside 6 feet. This is essential and if you are confident to make all putts inside 5 or 6 feet, it takes significant pressure off your chipping.ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN WHEN PUTTING short putts.

7. I targeted short par 3s 4s and 5s for pars.

8. I made double bogeys and still broke 90.

You can too. By practicing the fundamental shots in the system, you will become so consistent at your tee shots, your shots inside 150 yards, your chipping and your short and lag putts.

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