Simple Golf Swing Technique For Effortless Power: Let Your Arms Swing!

Learn A Simple Golf Swing Technique For Effortless Power

Increase power with this simple tip from Alex Fortey;

Our mission here at The Art of Simple Golf is to prove to you that golf is not as hard as the industry makes it out to be nor is the golf swing as physically demanding as you are often led to believe by instructors and magazines.


And the video lesson you are about to see today gives you 2 great drills so you can learn a simple golf swing that will give you more speed and freedom in your swing so it can be consistent and strain free.

You see, due to analysis and quantification of the Elite Tour pros swings there is a vast spectrum of secrets and swing methods to give you more power and consistency so you can mimic for better distances and lower scores you are bombarded with phrases like “X factor” our mission is quite a challenge to show golfers that the golf swing can feel natural and occur naturally if you follow some principles.

Whether you are wanting to break 70 or break 90, your pursuit in golf improvement is a complicated one if you follow everything you read or watch.Learn a Simple golf swing tips for more golf swing speed Alex Fortey
Because let’s be honest, the results are just not there for the majority of you by trying to force the golf swing and get into so called perfect positions that are meant to give you an increase of swing speed. So, you may well be asking; “why should I listen to you?”
My reply in short is that the methods and the ways we want you to play better and enjoy the game more is to;
“learn a simple golf swing that is governed by how you are designed to move naturally and how you would do many other tasks in life such as skimming a stone, hammering a nail or throwing a ball. You do all of these tasks perfectly well because you are not trying to force the movement or get into positions”

Effortless power is achieved by feeling gravity and not by forcing the golf swing.

If you have to feel how to place the club and force “positions” in your golf swing you are not going to be able to repeat it especially without spending hours on the practice range. Whereas if you were to get into your golf posture and hold a club under hand and try and toss it as far as you can down the fairway, the fluid action you produce would amaze you.

learn a simple golf swing technique with Alex Fortey

The freedom and natural golf swing sequence you produce is one that you can repeat consistently and trust that it will deliver power where you need it. By allowing your arms to swing and feel heavy at the same time as simply getting your body out of your way (so your arms don’t crash into you) the momentum and power you will produce will give you a golf swing you love the feel of.
So with that said I want you to learn a simple golf swing by allowing your arms to swing with these 2 drills in the video, one of which can be done right now at home. These drills are some of my favourite golf swing drills to give players that “aha” moment where they finally get how a golf swing can, and should feel.

See the video to learn a simple golf swing for more power

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