SHALLOW Your IRONS – Full Golf Swing Lesson

Rolling the Wrists Destroys the Golf Swing

One golf swing mistake that many golfers make, and that goes virtually undetected, is the rolling of their wrists on the takeaway. Most golfers are so preoccupied with the more visible mechanics of shoulder and hip turns, swing planes, and keeping their head steady, that it’s easy to see why such a minor movement, like the rolling of their wrists, could go unnoticed. But unfortunately it does.

Golf: The Royal Game

Golf has been listed at No. 3 spot by the survey conducted by the International Sports Foundation for Best Sports. Golf is quickly gaining momentum and more people are getting attached to it. Golf is often called the “royal game” because of its classic rules. You just need to have a club and ball with a standardize playing area in order to start with it. If you are looking forward to take the Golf as a profession, then you are most welcomed to do so. There is some real money stored in it. You will regularly find the Golf Tournament occurring all over the world. The prize money of such tournament is certainly quite hefty.

Stop Slicing The Golf Ball For Good

The most common problem for golfers is the slice, and how to stop slicing the golf ball. As a PGA Golf Instructor, I face this question every week. To solve this problem you must first understand why you slice the golf ball, before you can stop slicing. The slice is caused by a club path that is too much out to in, or over the top, and a clubface that is open. These two components create side spin on the golf ball, making it curve to the right, for the right handed golfer.

Is Your Golf Swing Set Up to Fail?

If there is anything that the average golfer can do just as well as the pros, it is in taking their set up positions. Specifically, I’m referring to using the proper fundamentals before swinging the golf club. Then why is it that so many of us either do not take the time to understand the fundamentals, or are ignorant to their benefits?

Guidelines for Driving a Golf Ball Straight

To start driving the ball straighter and further you need to learn some tips to help execute the perfect drive. Find out which types of golf clubs to use, proper grip, and much more to develop a very accurate and powerful golf shot.

Golf Tips On Putting

Putting is such an important part of golf and yet most amateur golfers that do actually practice spend little or no time practicing their putting. You know what they say, “Drive for show, Putt for the dough!” With this in mind, lets go over some golf tips on putting that can help you lower your putts per round.

Simple Steps to Becoming a Better Golfer

Next, the novice should invest in a pair of golf shoes. Even a good swing and grip can be ruined if feet slip during the downswing, and the newer rubber cleats will keep feet steady and the player will not feel like he is walking on high heels, as was prone to happen with the older metal spikes.

What Is the Best Way to Improve Your Golf?
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For the back-swing, it is vital to maintain bodyweight within the right foot, as well as keep some sort of small flex inside the leg. Failing to achieve this could suggest bad contact along with a lack of power.

Let’s Make Golf Fun – Etiquette Tips for The Young Golfer

The best time to start a lifelong pursuit of golf is in the early teen years. Golf can be viewed as a reflection of life; be courteous and honest and one will go far, or be rude to others and dishonest with oneself and karma will guarantee the game is not enjoyable. Golf is a game of solitaire played in a group setting and therefore there are simple rules of etiquette that will make it more enjoyable for the teen as well as for everyone else on the course.

Hybrid Golf Clubs And Its Worth

When I began using the hybrids clubs, many contemporary golfers noticed the difference. A number of people verified my improvement, and I was having a great time. When I told them that it is because of my new clubs, it somehow became an eye opener. They have heard about this special club before but never realized their benefits.

Golfers: Here’s an Easy Way To Hit Your Driver

Every golfer wants to hit their driver a long way, but most recreational golfers would be satisfied, more than satisfied, with hitting it straight. While this is the most difficult club to hit straight, it’s not that hard to do if you pay attention to a few key points.

Driving The Golf Ball Long and Accurately
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There aren’t a great number of details that a golfer must attend to in their golf swing, in order to be able to drive the ball long and accurately. However, with all the anxiety, negative thoughts, and misperceptions that creep into our heads, what should be a simple task to perform has become much too complex. Before you begin the start of the golf backswing, you should have already built in a solid routine from your time spent on the practice range; one that is virtually subconscious. This would include: Gripping the golf club correctly; Properly aligning your body to the target line; Distributing your weight evenly over both feet, while maintaining your proper posture;Waggling the golf club to remove any unwanted tension and build momentum for the start of the golf swing.

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