Rotation ANY Golfer Can Master

Soaking In The Sun And Turf Greens Of Florida

Thanks to the fact that Florida has over 100,000 golf courses and that it experiences beautiful weather all around the year, Florida has emerged as a favoured location for golf enthusiasts. In terms of golf venues and golf packages, it is difficult to find another place that provides such a large number of options as Florida.

Get To Know The Prestigious Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup, as most people would know, is a golf competition that is held twice a year, between teams from Europe and USA. The tournament is jointly managed by the PGA of America and the PGA European Tour and is held alternatively in the United States and Europe. The uniqueness of this tournament lies in the fact that even though it receives a lot of money from sponsors, the winners compete only for the championship cup and not any prize money. By their recent victories, Europe has successfully toppled the America team and now enjoys the top spot in the game.

Mental Golf Coaching

Mental golf coaching has had a big impact on some recent golf tournaments. It’s not only relevant to the top golfers in the world – it can make a massive difference to any golfer’s performance. It’s all about training your mind to focus on the right things to help you perform at your very best…

The Best Way to Learn Golf

The game of golf is one of the most difficult to learn due to all of the details involved and the coordination required in executing a good golf swing. Despite the difficulty of learning the game, most people do not seek out proper instruction. This article discusses several of the ways most people learn golf, and why private instruction is the best way to learn golf.

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Starting Golf?

We are regularly told that we need to change our lifestyles, eating less and exercising more! This article first highlights some of the benefits offered by golf and then reviews equipment development that are now helping higher handicap golfers and beginners just starting golf to get more enjoyment quickly from the sport.

Top 5 Golf Tips For A Beginner

In this article we are going to look at 5 golf tips for a beginner which will help you get to grips with playing golf and help you learn to play golf better. In these 5 Golf tips for a beginner we will look some simple but often forgotten truths about the game that a no one tells a novice golfer.

The Best Golf Lessons Online

By taking golf lessons online you can save both money and time. Ask yourself this: how much time do I spend on professional golf lessons? And how much time would I save if I could get just as good lessons from my own home? Free golf tips & video golf instructions to help you improve your golf game.

Golf Training and The Simple Golf Swing System – A Review

Are you looking for online golf training lessons at an affordable price to help improve your golf swing? If so, this article is a review of The Simple Golf Swing system, an online golf swing e-course and guide that has already been sold and used by more than 260,000 golfers! If you are interested to learn more about a golf swing training program that claims it can reduce your golf handicap by 7 to 12 strokes in only two weeks or less, please continue to read this review.

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Improve Your Golf Score With a Golf GPS Navigation System

Are you trying to decide on which golf GPS system to buy? GPS navigation has long been associated with the automobile. In fact, in every electronics store you can find many different makes and models of automobile GPS systems all with different features and specifications. But recently, a new type of GPS system has entered the marketplace. Golf GPS systems provide golfers a boost to play better golf.

Getting the Golf Ball Off the Ground

For beginning golfers, their biggest triumph comes on the day when they learn to get the ball in the air consistently. Finally getting the ball to fly naturally off the clubface against a background of blue sky, on command, is a tremendous thrill. It is the gate that everyone must pass through to begin playing better golf.

What Are Golf’s Scoring Clubs?

Sometimes you hear talk of the scoring clubs. They are best defined as the clubs that, if played well, will have the largest influence of keeping your score down. There is no fine line between the scoring clubs, though, and the scoring shots they hit. Let’s talk about both.

A Golfer’s Biggest Secret to Improving Their Golf: Attitude Is Everything

For a golfer, attitude is everything. Whether your attitude is good or bad, your golf game will often follow suit. If your thoughts are filled with pleas to the golfing gods not to be embarrassed as you walk up to the first tee, you have already decreased your chances of playing a good round. More importantly your chances of having an enjoyable and relaxing day on the course are all but gone.

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