GOLF BACKSWING: Should You Pause At The Top?

Why Power Balance Is Helping Golfers Everywhere

For a portion of the population out there, there are few things greater than getting up before sunrise and venturing out to the golf course for a sunrise tee time. Whether you’re going with pals or you go alone, there’s something about being on the course and playing a game that you not just adore, but that you also find challenging.

How To Get Ready For The Golf Season

To get ready for the golf season you should focus on these five areas. These simple tasks will get you to peak performance quicker.

Can Instructional Golf DVDs Really Improve Your Game?

There are a number of things you can do to try and improve your golf swing and or golf game. Firstly you can invest your hard earned money in private lessons which have their benefits but can be costly. Secondly, you can purchase the latest and greatest golf clubs in the hope that you will suddenly and as if by magic transform your game just because you have the best equipment. Thirdly, you can consider purchasing instructional golf DVDs which have merits of their own which all too often are overlooked by golfers wishing to improve their game.

Golf Myth: Bring Your Range Game to the Course

Many golfers, including touring professionals, complain that they can’t take their range game to the course. They hit the ball just fine on the practice ground, but their efforts are lost by the time they get to the first tee. The reason for this is simple. The formula is backwards. Golfers should be taking their course game to the range.

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The Width of Your Stance

How wide should my stance be? Ever stood over the ball and wondered if the width of your stance is the correct one? Always losing balance during the swing?

Mike Austin Golf Swing

Learn about Mike Austin and the Mike Austin golf swing, “the most efficient way to hit a ball”. Learn the best swing in golf. You will produce your longest and straightest shots consistently, without injuring your body. Mike Austin knew more about human motion (kinesiology) and how the golf swing should work better than another person who has ever walked this Earth.

Babe Zaharias – One of the Greatest Female Athletes of the 20th Century

At a time during the first half of the 20th century when women athletes were not expected to achieve much in sports, Babe Zaharias was busy breaking records in golf, basketball, and track and field. Physically strong and confident, she broke the accepted models of femininity in her time and paved the way for the current acceptance of female athletes.

Is Golf Technology Helping to Improve Your Game?

Has technology improved many aspects of the game of golf? Yes, undoubtedly it has. It has come great distances from the historic days of hickory shafts and balata balls.But then why haven’t amateur scores improved as well?

Golf Driving Tips: Easy Does It

To get the most powerful and accurate golf drives off the tee, an easy swing will deliver the goods. Many people try to swing ‘out of their shoes’ in an attempt to crush the ball. They lash at the ball and end up making many mistakes.

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3 Golf Swing Drills to Stay on Plane

The golf swing is the hardest athletic move in sports and here are 3 drills to help you get on the right track to perfecting the golf swing. These 3 drills will ensure you are on the right plane at all times.

Golf Club Weighting

Every hit a club where you felt the whole club all the way through the swing? You know the one I am talking about, it’s where you felt like the weight of the club was helping you versus hindering you.

Golf Swing Basics – The Top 4 Tips for Improving Your Golf Swing

If you really want to improve your game, you should understand the Golf Swing basics. Most of the beginners make an attempt to imitate the style of most of the professionals. If you can actually understand the basics well, you can surely improve your chances for success in the game. If you understand the basics, you can effortlessly deliver powerful shots in the game. Apart from this, each and every player will have an individual swing style.

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