FEEL Vs FORM Golf Swing Stabilization

What’s Your Number?

What’s your number, by this I mean one of two things… what is your handicap or what is your average score. Golf being the game that it is, we as golfers are always looking for ways to lower our handicap and score. One of the first ways to do this is to work really hard on your short game.

Short Game In Golf

Practicing the short game in golf is the most neglected aspect in golf. Players don’t seem to realize that 50% of their shots, or more, are of the shorter variety, namely chipping, pitching, and putting. These shots in golf are known as “the scoring shots”.

My Description of Orange County National Part 1 and 2

Last Thursday I was at OCN watching my daughter’s take their golf lessons. But this day was no ordinary day. On an ordinary day we go to the driving range which is 360 degrees of driving paradise.

Improve Golf Swing Technique

Just about anyone who golfs has at some point contemplated how they might go about improving the level at which they can golf. Amateurs and professionals alike at some point will want to find out how they might be able to improve golf swing technique so they can increase the overall level of game they bring to the table. Nearly everyone that plays the game of golf is going to be talking about shaving away strokes from the game card at some point.

The Perfect Golf Swing – The Mike Austin Method
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Mike Austin had a perfect golf swing. Not only could he hit it long (super long) he also hit it very straight. Mike was a golf instructor as well and used his knowledge of Kinesiology and the physical sciences to perfect his swing method, which he feels is “the most efficient way to hit a ball”. Up until his death in 2005 he challenged anyone to prove him wrong. No one ever did.

Home Golf Simulators – A Compact, Inexpensive, Portable Golf Simulator

Certainly, showing up in the industry recently, the Newport happens to be an ingenious brand new Home golf simulator that fulfills the requirements of the professional golfer. Scaled-down, movable and budget friendly, this excellent construction will change the golf simulator market for years to come. This simulator was created to resolve many of the problems of the full size simulators available on the market: over all size, price range and versatility of usage; without sacrificing the simulated event.

How Women Can Get Started In Golf

If your boyfriend plays it, if your husband plays it, if your girlfriends play it, or if it’s just something that you want to try, welcome! Golf is a lifetime game that gets you out into beautiful surroundings having fun with friends. There’s quite a bit to learn, but if you take it in small steps, it will always be enjoyable.

Cheap Golf Accessories – Manufacturers Must Rethink Their Development Strategy

I had cause the other day to be flicking through one of the best online golf stores looking to purchase a piece of equipment. At some point I drifted into the accessories portion of the site and at that moment my browsing stopped dead. I simply couldn’t believe just how many golf accessories, and particularly cheap golf accessories, were being featured!

Golf Shirt or Polo Shirt: What’s The Difference?

Most people today don’t know the difference between a golf shirt and a polo shirt. After reading this article you should have a better understanding of the difference between them to make the correct purchase.

Help From a Golfing Guru

Golf is a difficult game to master and you need to concentrate on the old saying “Practice makes perfect” to get to a reasonable standard of play. This involves a dedicated, patient and focused approach to the intricate details of swing, balance and gripping of the golf club. Lots of beginners in the game start by buying themselves some lessons from the local golf club pro, which can end up costing a fortune before you see any real benefit. Some go down the route of buying online golf games and training videos so that they can copy the methods that are recommended. A more common sense approach is to examine the basic faults that beginners experience in detail. When the problems are analysed and broken down into easy to follow, logical correctional steps, fixes to most of the problems become a reality very quickly. This prevents people from becoming frustrated and keeps them playing at a standard that makes the whole golfing experience an enjoyable one. Golfing faults and fixes provides some useful tips to solving some of the more common problems…

Golf Tips: Nervous On The First Tee? 16 Ways To Stay Calm When You Stand Over The Golf Ball

Do you get up tight on the first tee? Are you worried about embarrassing yourself? What can you do to stay calm, focused and confident and get your next round of golf off to a great start? Here are sixteen simple golf tips to get you to crush the ball off the first tee.

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Golf Chipping Tips – 3 Mistakes to Avoid

It has been a common problem of many golfers not being able to get their ball beyond four hundred yards starting from the tee through the green. They seem to have forgotten that golf chipping tips come in handy only if they know where to look. Many of them tend to waste tons of important strokes by committing miss-hits on their chip shots.

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