Rick Shiels & Viktor Hovland talk Golf! (WORLD NUMBER 4)

How To Develop A Smooth Golf Swing

When you get that golf club in your grip, do you ever want simply to smash the ball as hard as you can? It may feel great to put every ounce of your energy into hitting the ball as far as you can, but, just smashing it as hard as you possibly can from the tee is not necessarily going to give you the perfect start to a hole. Listen, if you are out to smash the ball to relieve stress, then more power to you. But, if you want to play a serious round of golf, then putting all your energy into each golf swing is not going to improve your golf game. If you want to improve golf, you are going to need a golf lesson in finesse.

Golf Clubs For Beginners: The Importance Of Set Make-Up

As A PGA Professional I am continually giving golf club advise to beginning golfers. The main focus of my advice lies in the golf club set make-up.

Golfing in Paradise

There are many places in the world that can claim to be a golfer’s paradise, and the DR (DR) is one of them. One difference between most places and the DR is perhaps that golf can be played here 365 days a year and not just for a few months, although some months are better than other when it comes to the weather and the amount of money you have to spend.

Junior Golf: Is Your Junior Practicing Correctly?

Make sure your junior golfer is practicing correctly. Practice should have a purpose and a plan.

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Kraft Nabisco LPGA Golf Tournament

Whether it is to see the lovely ladies that grace the Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage or to take part in the week long festivities that fill the week in one of the premier events on the LPGA tour, the Kraft Nabisco golf event is a must stop on your next vacation to Palm Springs and the desert cities. Also known as the Dinah Shore, for the Hollywood icons love of golf and annual participation, the winners annual pond jump is something to behold. This golf event is one of the four major tournaments on the LPGA…

Swing On Plane to Stop Slicing

The slice occurs when the club head cuts across the golf ball at impact, causing unwanted spin and curving the ball away from the target. Golf instructors know that this is often do to the golfers taking the club back too inside on the takeaway, which then causes them to cast the club out, and away from their bodies on the downswing. The golf club then crosses over the target line that was set at address, and approaches the golf ball from an outside swing path.

The Golf Swing: Which Plane Are You On?

Swinging on the proper golf plane is the most important component that a golfer should strive to perfect. But what plane is right for you? Are you better suited as a one plane swinger or a two planner?

PGA Tours: Why Do I Have Higher Golf Scores in Competition?

What is the difference between playing golf for fun and playing golf in a competition? Not a lot really. Many of the golfers I’ve worked with over the years have struggled with the process of learning how to shoot lower-more competitive scores when they are competing. When they are relaxed and playing a sociable game with their friends they tell me that they play much better and score lower than the times when they are competing in a tournament.

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7 Simple Facts About The Golf Swing

Do you constantly worry about not being able to pull off the perfect swing? Well, you’re not alone. Many new golfers get worried about the various components that make a good swing.

Golf Chipping Tips for Your Short Game

In this article we discuss the chipping portion of the golf short game. The three basic chip shots and their setup is the main focus. Shot execution, and some of the times each chip shot might be used are also touched on.

7 Essential Golf Swing Tips From Professional Golfers

The article above outlines several methods professional golfers use to improve their swings. All skill levels can benefit from these tips.

Fix Your Banana Slice!

So you slice nearly every time you hit driver. What to do? Though what follows isn’t a cure-all, it may help you during your next round. As always, I always encourage all golfers to get expert, professional advice and lessons.

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