The Simple Chipping Drill That Will Change Your Golf Completely

Are you tired of inconsistent chipping? Do you struggle to get up and down from around the greens? Look no further! In this blog post, we will be discussing a simple chipping drill that will revolutionize your short game. With a few minor adjustments to your technique, you’ll be hitting crisp, controlled chips in no time. Say goodbye to those dreaded skull shots and start impressing your playing partners with your newfound skills. Let’s get started!

The Simple Chipping Drill That Will Change Your Golf Completely

Introduction ###

Golf is known for its complex nature, requiring a high level of precision, consistency, and skill. One of the most challenging aspects of golf is chipping – the shots taken around the green. Many golfers struggle with consistency, accuracy, and distance control in their chipping. However, there is a simple chipping drill that can completely change your golf game.

This drill involves using a tee to elevate the golf ball, helping you visualize shots differently, remove awkwardness of shallow motions, and ultimately improve your ball-striking skills. Here’s how it works:

Tee Ball Up High to Visualize Shots Differently

One of the major reasons why many golfers struggle with chipping is because they approach the shot with too much weight on their back foot, causing a steep angle of attack. This leads to poor contact with the ball and inconsistency in shot trajectory. The solution lies in visualizing the shot differently by elevating the ball with a tee.

When you tee the ball up high, you will naturally be more forward in your stance, which promotes a shallower path and more solid contact with the ball. This will make it easier to strike the ball cleanly and control your trajectory.

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Elevating Ball Removes Awkwardness of Shallow Motion

Hitting chips with a shallow motion is key to achieving a consistent strike, but it can be uncomfortable at first. By elevating the ball, you remove any awkwardness, allowing you to focus solely on the shot.

You also get the added benefit of hitting the ball slightly in the air, which encourages a more aggressive, confident swing. You can gradually practice deeper and more aggressive shots as you get more comfortable with the drill.

A Shallow Path Prevents the Club from Digging into the Ground

Another common mistake golfers make is hitting the ground before the ball, which results in fat or thin shots. When you take a shallower path, it prevents the club from digging into the ground, ensuring you get clean contact with the ball.

By keeping the club on a shallower path, you get more spin and control over your shots. You’ll be able to hit shots that run along the ground, as well as shots that spin backward or check up suddenly, depending on the situation.

Practicing Drill with Different Tee Heights Improves Consistency

One of the best things about this chipping drill is that you can practice it with different tee heights. Start with the tee at its highest point and gradually lower it until it’s flush with the ground. This will help you improve consistency and control over your shots.

Practicing with different tee heights also allows you to develop a feel for varying shot trajectories. You’ll learn how to hit chip shots that are low and running, medium trajectory shots, and higher, more lofted shots. This skill will come in handy out on the course, especially when you’re faced with challenging shots and need to switch up your technique.

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Finding the Sweet Spot of the Club is Crucial for Success

As with any golf shot, finding the sweet spot of the club is crucial for success. The sweet spot is the area of the clubface that produces the most ball speed and accuracy. When you make contact with the ball at the sweet spot, you’ll get better distance control, direction, and spin.

When using this chipping drill, be sure to focus on hitting the ball at the sweet spot consistently. This will help you build confidence in your ability to control the ball’s trajectory and distance.

Spending Time and Being Comfortable with the Drill is Important

As with any golf skill, practice makes perfect. Spend time honing your chipping skills with this tee-up drill. Get comfortable with the technique, and gradually increase the difficulty of the shots you’re attempting.

Remember, golf is a mental game as much as it is a physical one. The more confident you are in your ability to hit solid, consistent chip shots, the more likely you are to succeed out on the course.

A Shallower Path Produces Right-to-Left Spin and More Rollout

One final benefit of using this chipping drill is that it encourages a shallower path, which produces right-to-left spin and more rollout. This is incredibly helpful when you need to run the ball up to the green and avoid obstacles, such as bunkers, water hazards, or rough.

By mastering the art of chipping with a shallower path and utilizing this drill, you’ll be able to hit shots with pinpoint accuracy, control, and spin.


Chipping is a notoriously challenging aspect of golf, but it doesn’t have to be. By using this simple chipping drill, elevating the ball with a tee, and visualizing shots differently, you can improve your ball-striking skills, consistency, and control. Remember to practice with different tee heights, focus on hitting the sweet spot of the club, and get comfortable with the technique.

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With time and practice, this drill can completely change your golf game, making you a more confident, consistent, and skilled golfer.


  1. How do I know which tee height to use when practicing this chipping drill?
  • Start with the tee at its highest point and gradually work your way down until it’s flush with the ground. This will help you find the right height that works for you.
  1. Do I need any special equipment to practice this chipping drill?
  • No, all you need is a few tees and a golf ball.
  1. Can I use this chipping drill on the course, or is it just for practicing?
  • Yes, you can use this chipping drill on the course. Simply tee the ball up high and use the same technique you’ve practiced.
  1. How long does it typically take to see improvement using this chipping drill?
  • It varies widely depending on the individual’s skill level, practice frequency, and dedication to the technique. However, many golfers report seeing improvement within a few weeks of consistent practice.
  1. Does this chipping drill work for golfers of all skill levels?
  • Yes, this drill is suitable for golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. By focusing on a shallower path and consistently hitting the sweet spot of the club, you can improve your chipping skills and up your golf game.