Golf For Left Handers

At Golf for Left Handers,
you can shop for left hand drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, club sets, irons, wedges and putters.
We have all the topline golf balls, golf shoes, apparel, training aids and instructional dvd’s.
We FEATURE Phil Mickleson and the GOLF CLUBS he uses on the U.S.PGA TOUR, along with an
exceptional training aid the “LeaderBoard” that will help your game reach a higher level.
Jack Nicklaus shows us the key fundamentals of the golf swing in 4 easy to follow videos.
Our prices and service are sourced from the very best in the business.
At Golf for Left Handers we have all the necessities and accessories you need to
enjoy the wonderful game of golf and is EXCLUSIVE to the left handed golfer.

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