Proper Golf Grip & Holding the Golf Club

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Do you know that a chronic hook or slice can be attributed to a faulty grip? In this video, Golf pro, Dave Johnston explains the proper way to grip your golf club and ultimately improve the quality and enjoyment of your game.

Dave has taught golf for over 30 years and given over 11,000 lessons and he can only recall a handful of players who grip the golf club properly when they have come to see him.

There are 3 essentials found in every good grip. First, for a right handed golfer, you must be able to support the weight of the club with the top 3 fingers of your left hand. Secondly, it is essential that the palm of your right hand is facing the target. Third, is the placement of your right thumb. It must be placed on the left side of the club shaft lightly touching the first finger with minimal pressure. Essentially, the right thumb forms a “trigger” with the right forefinger.

All three of these elements will be found in every good grip.

Dave also speaks about the two V’s created by the thumbs and first fingers, and where these V’s should be pointed.

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