Powerful, Effortless, Pain-Free Golf Swing (A Key Move)

Doesn’t everyone want a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing? They sure do. This swing tip shows you a key move that you need to do to get this type of swing.

I would say that almost every golfer who comes to me for lessons is simply just hitting the ball with their arms. What this means is they are basing their swing on physical strength which will never all them to hit the ball their longest. The will never have and effortless swing and they will most likely never be playing pain-free.

So why would so many people be trying to hit with their arms? It’s because their body is not working properly. This is due to them not understanding what they need to be doing, they have been given the wrong information and from human nature wanting them to do one thing which is the opposite to this key move they should be doing.

To understand this key move to a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing you do not even have to go out to the range. You can literally see this at home. So after you watch this grab a club. Go to a mirror or somewhere you can see your reflection and try it. Immediately you will see the key move you need to be doing as you swing. If you see it I am hoping you will try it. When you try it though you need to do this for more than 3 attempts. You need to try it and get used to it. Once you get used to this key move you will be well on your way to learning a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing that will last you a lifetime.

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In this tip I'm talking about moving Your head in your golf swing so I know a Lot of people are trying to keep their Heads still I just don't teach that I Want you to move your head a little bit As you go into your backswing All right and I want you to do that to Create the first axis in your swing so Here's what I'm getting at if you had Your feet together like this you'd have One axis If you swung this club and you can test Yourself with this if you hold the club Up in the air like this watch yourself In a mirror right here if you went in a Circle Your head would basically stay still All right you'd make a circle with the Club But we don't hit the ball with our feet Together we hit the ball with our feet Spread apart So if you spread your feet apart what I Want you to do is move your head a Little bit as you're going into the back Swing so you create the first axis All right so we're here and again just Test it Go into a face a mirror right here take Your golf club right here and take it Back with your feet spread apart I'm Telling you if you do that your head Right here will move Because to create circular rotation you

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Need an axis to rotate around so if You're standing here like this Take your Club back watch your head it Will move when it moves you're going to Coil up And the weight hopefully is going to Load to the back end step here So what I'm getting at in this tip is The coil moves your head All right so you know all we have to do To get our head to move is to coil Properly Now on the flip side if you were holding The club up in the air like this and you Kept your head still but your feet were Separated Your golf club would start going up Because your head is staying still You're never creating the first axis to Create the backswing so you'd be here Like this and now you're going sideways Sideways instead of around and around Which is what I teach and I know there's People working on this okay they're Trying to keep their heads still they've Been told to take this shoulder and go Down Towards the ball to take the club back If you do that your head will not move It'll stay too still now you get into This position so if you're looking like This as you go and hit the top of your Backswing You're going to have to go like this to

Hit the ball so now you're going Sideways sideways For me I want people to go around And around All right it's just a different way to Swing This creates a lot of power minimal Effort and it never hurts your body you Know and I have tried this swing okay Bent over down with the shoulder really Tilted lots of side Bend And no joke I wake up the next day my Back is on fire when I do that You know if you're a young person maybe It'll work for you But I typically don't teach younger People you know a lot of my students are Older and we have all sorts of you know Body problems so I want the you know I Want a pain-free golf swing that's going To generate a lot of power with minimal Effort Because we're not getting any younger Okay and it's not fun when you're Playing in pain So if you do it my way standing fairly Tall allowing your head to move as you Coil This will be absolutely pain-free when You hit the top of the backswing then All we have to do is uncoil the other Way keep our arms and wrists nice and Loose and we generate serious speed with Minimal effort all right so what I'd

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Like you to do is just understand how The head is going to move a little bit I Say it moves three to five inches into Your backswing that would be dependent On you know stance width if your stance Was narrower your head wouldn't move as Much maybe your head on that one maybe It only moves two inches that's fine Maybe it's a pitching wedge and it moves An inch okay I guess I'm saying three to Five inches with driver okay other clubs Would be less But let the coil Move your head so to get a feel for it Just stand well stand here like this With your feet together in a mirror or Reflection in a window watch your head As you do swings like this around and Around Okay So watch your head it'll stay pretty Still But that's with your feet together and We don't hit the ball with our feet Together we spread our feet apart So if you spread your feet apart your Head's going to move a little bit this Way You're gonna hit the ball and then your Head's going to move over here creating The second axis All right so you hold the club up in the Air like this watch this side of your Forward ear right here if you take the

Club like this right here if you take The club around Your head will move If you keep your head still it will Start going up Okay head still it will start going up And now you're angled towards the target And that is not what I teach All right so get that understanding get The feeling of it Then when you go to step up to the golf Ball I want you to be thinking that You're you're coiling around so the Thought would be around and around Not Up and down Up and down that's going to happen all On its own because you're tilted So if I'm here like this and I tilt I just have to think around and around Because I'm already on a tilt I don't Need to tilt more All right so it's a different thought And I'm telling you you get this you Will develop a powerful effortless Pain-free golf swing too many people are Keeping their head too still They never get the proper coiling action They never get their head moving and They just never generate the power they Just end up hitting the ball with their Arms okay so stand tall Get the thought of around and around and If you have uh you know your phone or

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You know have your friends stand there And video Your slang And you'll see that your head will move All right and that's what I'm looking For I want your head to move a little Bit so we're standing here like this Think around And around Okay around And around You will see your head start moving And then all of a sudden you'll start to Understand and feel this pain-free golf Swing that I'm talking about and Hopefully you keep doing that into the Future I truly hope you've enjoyed this Tip here's another tip that's going to Help you improve your swing now right Below that don't forget to click on that Link because I'm going to send you some Free samples of my body swing book and Video series that'll take you step by Step by step through how to build a Powerful effortless pain-free golf swing