I’m impressed! The LEGAL straight flying golf ball!

Decisive Factors For Purchasing The Right GPS for Golf

Are you looking for a GPS for golf but do not know which to purchase? Do you even know what to look for when purchasing a good golf GPS system? If so I strongly suggest that you read this entire article right away as I reveal to you what is the best GPS for serious golfers.

Unbiased Personal Callaway Golf Upro Go GPS Review Exposed

Are you searching for a Callaway Golf Upro Go GPS review that is real point blank period? Well then look no further as I will reveal to you what I consider to be one of the best golf GPS units on the market today.

How to Perform Golf Downswing Properly – 3 Downswing Tips

The golf downswing is the riskiest part of the swing in golf. Frustration could set in if you do not swing properly.

Your Strategy For Breaking 90

Once you get into the mid 90s, you have your sights set on shooting in the 80s. This is a major step. The National Golf Foundation estimates that less than 20 percent of all golfers break 90, and that estimate might be generous. If you can shoot 95 regularly, there’s no reason why you can’t get to the promised land.

How Well Should You Putt?

“Silly question,” you say. “They should all go in.” Well, yes, but the question is really the title of a book by Clyne Soley, who collected extensive data on amateur and professional putting the the mid-1970s and published his findings in 1977. Most of what he found confirms what you might think about putting, but there are some facts that might surprise you.

Knit Your Way To Better Putting

For the ball to go in the hole, you have to read the green to find the right line. Then you need a stroke that sends the ball off on the line you selected. Here’s an easy way to take care of number two.

Ways to Constructively Handle Anger on the Golf Course

Golf mirrors life. Some days you can play really well; others are not so great. What is important is to use golf as an escape from your every day problems. Enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and the company of good or new friends. When you hit a bad shot, you can either choose a “do over” where you focus and improve on the shot, or you can go to the location of the bad shot and try you best to salvage the hole by playing recovery golf, smart golf.

Golf Tips – How To Putt On Multi-Tiered Greens

In this golf tip I am going to explain how you can approach putting on multi-tiered greens – or greens with more than one level. Multi-tiered greens can be very tricky to putt on and bring a whole raft of potential problems for a number of reasons.

The UK’s Best Luxury Golfing Destinations

The UK is home to some of the world’s very best golf courses and its most indulgent golf break destinations. If you’re a golf enthusiast, taking a holiday that completely immerses you in the sport could be one of the most relaxing things you’ll ever do. But most golf breaks involve much more than swinging your clubs 24 hours a day.

Benefit From The Performance Enhancement Created Through Golf Balls

There are several elements that can impact how well people performs during any golfing outing, whether they’re seeking to improve their game, enjoy the company of friends, or compete in a local or else professional competition. Golf clubs are most often the primary focus for many people and even golf shoes can play an important role in helping improve performance. One element that also helps in creating a unique possibility in improving the performance of your game is found with usage of golf balls.

Golf Instruction Advice for Rookie Players

Though it is really easy to get golf instruction recommendations for rookies on the web, many resources and training systems miss out on quite a few factors that are essential for newcomers. The following are some of the less well known golfing suggestions for new golfers.

Golf Tips – How To Warm Up Before A Game

If you’ve ever been to watch a professional golf tournament (and I recommend you do), the best place to head to first of all is the practice area to see them warming up. What you’ll see is that the pro’s use every club in the bag to warm up with starting with some wedge shots and moving through to the driver. Following this they head to the chipping green and then the putting green. In an ideal world that is what you should also be doing, but amateur golfers can rarely do this for a number of reasons:- 1. They don’t have enough time. 2. There isn’t a practice range at their golf course. 3. There isn’t a practice putting green at their golf course. In this golf tip I explain how to make the most effective use of your warm-up time and how to ensure you arrive at the first tee with confidence.

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