Perfect 1/2 Way Back Position In Minutes

A lot of students take the club back poorly. Once they start off wrong it affects their 1/2 way back position. Here’s a simple way to get into perfect 1/2 way back position in minutes so you can continue your backswing and set a great top of the backswing position.

This is a simple way you can be working on a perfect 1/2 way back position at home, at the range and even when you are playing. The student I show in this tip shows amazing progress and this was literally in a few minutes of working on it.

Give this a try and you will see how this will put you in the perfect 1/2 way back position in minutes so you can start developing a great backswing too all for a little work.

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In this tip I want to give you a way That you can check your Club face Position at the halfway back position so What I was figuring out the other day I Was doing some practice swings around The house I didn't have a seven iron there I had My putter there was a putter sitting up Against the wall so I grabbed the putter Started doing some practice swings So as I was doing the practice swings it Dawned on me that you know the great Majority of Putters like 99.99 have this Flat surface here on the putter so I got Thinking about it and I was like oh well People could use that To determine where the club face is Throughout their golf swing So I'm going to show you a video of a Gentleman that just came for a lesson so I had just thought of this and then I Had the gentleman do this And within a few minutes it made a Dramatic difference to his back swing All right let's take a look at his uh Backswing now All right so you see that see how he was Rolling the club Way open All right so the correct position at the Halfway back point so here's my target Line as I'm doing my setup like this and I work it back to halfway See right here this Leading Edge should Be on the same angle as your spine

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His Club was way open and way inside This target line right here or the the Stick all right so that's what it should Look like so right here If I'm working this club back it should Look like that All right So I grabbed the putter I was just doing Some we'll practice swings around the House I go like this And then I'm thinking about this flat Surface right here so I work it back to Halfway and I'm like oh right there I Don't even have to look back here I can Tell where the face is just by thinking Of this surface now watch if I go like This and I roll it open see the flat Surface is now parallel to the ground so That would indicate that the face is Open in that gentleman's case his flat Surface would literally have been beyond Parallel like that would be very easy to Recognize that the face is wide open So you could literally just sit there With your putter you go like this Thinking about this surface right here And you just keep working it like this Okay just keep going back and forth like That right there think that it's on an Angle Okay then the face would be here now Don't go like that but that would be Easy to recognize too because now the Flat surface is vertical okay so it's on

A slight angle that club face would then Match your spine angle at halfway back All right so let me show you the after Swing now I literally had him do this For five minutes okay we grabbed his Putter we just sat there like this okay And then after he got the feel for that Then I had him hit his his real Club Again and then he had the correct Feeling and you're gonna see a dramatic Difference and no kidding that was only Within a few minutes of doing it So that's a very simple way that you can Be working on this and also I got Thinking about it why the putter Well not only the flat surface here it's A lot of times you are out on the golf Course you are waiting let's say you're Playing in a foursome you got three Other people there lining up their putt You know walking around the you know it Takes forever sometimes Okay so use that time wisely just sit There okay you're waiting for everyone Else to putt you're just sitting there Going like this oh got it got it because You can feel This angle so that would be a great uh You know use of your time when you're Waiting out on the golf course all right So let's take a look at his after swing All right so you see that's pretty Dramatic difference in all of a few Minutes okay he wasn't perfect but he's

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Pretty darn close So that was a great way of getting him To understand the position at halfway Back and then get a new feeling that Then he could add to his golf swing Pretty quickly to get a dramatic result All right so grab your putter take a Look at it yeah I'm almost certain that You will have a flat surface here all Right I've seen very few Putters without That flat surface and then just grab it And then just go like this take it Halfway and then think right here oh Okay I don't want that level to the Ground I want it on a slight angle and Then you'll see exactly what I'm talking About I truly hope you've enjoyed this Tip here's another tip that's going to Help you improve your swing now right Below that don't forget to click on that Link because I'm going to send you some Free samples of my body swing book and Video series that'll take you step by Step by step through how to build a Powerful effortless pain-free golf swing