Difference between 70 80 90 Golf – Low Mid High Handicap Comparison

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JMac, BDog and Matt play the Forest City first nine, filmed over different days but on the same course. We compare the difference between breaking 80 in the mid 70s, breaking 80 in the high 70’s, low 80 and high 80 golf.

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We compare the game of a 4 handicap, 12 handicap and 18 handicap. This is a very MINOR difference. There are a few decisions, a few mental capabilities and some mindset shifts that can make you improve your game instantly and in a big way.

JMac is down to an 8 handicap now and BDog is down to 16.8
These are two major improvements and they just keep getting better as they start to trust themselves and make BETTER DECISIONS on the course to STOP MAKING BIG ERRORS.

They use their short games to save shots as well. There are many decisions in a round of golf and making one bad one, and following it with. another bad one is where we all lose our shots. When we add in commitment issues, we are struggling. If we can commit to better decisions and commit to not hitting bad shots after other bad shots, we can really improve quickly.

Most of us can get the ball airborne and in the general direction we want. We just self sabotage. We know what to do but we commit to sucking because it’s comfortable. Discomfort comes from the unknown. Try something new and change your life. Don’t be scared to dump your trouble clubs and don’t be afraid to experiment in golf. It ay open your eyes up to something new!

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