Moss Creek Golf Tip | Hybrid Chipping on #6 North

Improve your game with the pros at Moss Creek, Hilton Head, SC. Contact us at (843) 837-2231. Heidi & Tom are on #6 of the Devils Elbow North Golf Course demonstrating how to use a hybrid club to make a chip shot onto the green.

Shots from 2 feet or less off the green can be easily made with a putter. But anytime you are 3 feet+ off the green, putting becomes more difficult. Your putter only has 4 to 6° of loft. It can be hard to judge the speed. On longer shots, the putter will have a hard time getting through the thicker grass.

Many golfers will go to their six or seven iron, but the hybrid can be another very effective option. Heidi’s uses her #4 hybrid with 22° of loft -a very long golf club, used for longer distance shots. In her set up, she chokes the club down & uses her putting grip. She keeps her weight left, isolating her swing to her shoulders & arms so the ball rolls out very nicely.

It’s important to remember to be creative with your golf game. There’s never just one way to play a shot. For more pro tips, contact the Moss Creek Golf Shop.

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