Master the Bump and Run Chip Shot! Bump & Run Tutorial!

Golf Trouble Shots – It’s Time to Get Creative

Golfers will find trouble sooner or later while on the golf course no matter their skill level. The better golfers know how to handle these difficult shots. Do you? Discover techniques and tips that you need to beat the trouble shots and lower your scores in the process.

Golf Strategies and Tips – Putting

“Drive for show, putt for dough” may be the lesson we’ve all seen and learned from watching professional golfers in most tournaments and championships. The masters of golf can drive a ball from here to eternity, however it all boils down to the number of strikes of the ball it requires to place the ball within the hole. The lengthy accurate drives don’t add up to anything if you’re not able to putt precisely.

Why Golf Magazine Advice May Be Hazardous to Your Game

If you are like most rabid golf enthusiasts, you can’t get your hands on enough golf information, because you fantasize that it will improve your game immediately. You read the golf magazines intently and watch the videos over and over again, being certain that you thoroughly understand the dispensed advice. You confidently assert: “I’ve got it!”. Then you rush to the golf course eager to implement the magic.

5 Steps to Properly Analyze Your Golf Swing

Get all the problems with your golf swing solved easily, and in as little time as possible. This article will show you every step you need to take when analyzing your golf swing. These 5 steps will help your swing see great improvements.

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The Quest for Mastering the Perfect Golf Swing

  The eternal quest for the perfect golf swing eludes many players. They learn the basics and know that it all has to do with the way they position themselves to the ball. Sounds easy and professional golfers make it look very easy but the actual truth of the matter is that it is not as simple or as easily done as it appears to be.

Effective Ways of Correcting Golf Swing Problems for Average Golfers

By being a very observant player, a beginner can correct his golf swing problems very fast. Have you ever watch yourself doing golf swing in a video playback taken during a couple of games that you did? You will be surprised on what you will discover just by doing so.

Six Tips to Improve Your Putting Game

A friendly golf game between friends or colleagues can be quite relaxing, however no one is willing to admit that they still want a better golf swing or score than the rest of their foursome, no matter how “friendly” the game is. Luckily there are ways to improve your golf swing and your golf game that just take some basic tweaks, and some good old fashioned practice.

Four Tips to Improve Your Golf Chip Shots

Golf is a precision sport where the player’s aim is to drive a small-sized ball into each hole on a golf course, using different types of golf clubs while employing the fewest number of strokes in order to win. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? While many people only care about how far they can slam the ball off the tee, if you ask any serious player, they will tell you that their short game is the most important part of any round they play.

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Eco Golf Balls and Eco Golf Tees – Why They Matter

Compelling statistics on golf ball and tee consumption that support the change to eco-friendly golf balls and eco-friendly golf tees for your promotional branding. Read just what makes these ‘eco-friendly’ and why you should start using them.

Golfers Elbow – Understanding Is the Key to Cure

Many people will give you advice when you have a sports injury and Golfer’s Elbow is no exception. Everyone means well and no doubt you will receive advice ranging from simple rest to things that sound quite bizarre. However there is a common misconception with Golfer’s Elbow in that cannot be cured. Instead you will be told that the pain may subside, even for some years but one day, when you are least expecting, it will return and be worse than ever. There is some truth in this, which arises because most people do not understand Golfer’s Elbow. Golfer’s Elbow can be cured, for good but firstly, you need to understand the injury.

3 Basics of the Golf Swing

Get the great golf swing you have always wanted as quickly and easily as possible. This article describes the basic principles of a golf swing that many people overlook when they first start off in the game of golf. These 3 basics will explain all of the key elements necessary to create an excellent golf swing.

Things to Do in Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Anyone who has ever been to Lake Geneva Wisconsin knows that there is an abundance of things to do for fun. There is fantastic shopping, everything from fast food galore to the finest dining, outstanding nightlife, great fishing spots, and top notch golf. I know, it sounds like the perfect place. That is why so many make Lake Geneva Wisconsin their number one vacation destination every year, and the number is growing.

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