Learn to Hit The Longer Irons Effortlessly

The long irons might seem difficult to hit, but they can be just as easy as hitting a 9 iron. This video provides 3 essential tips to getting the most out of your longer clubs and hitting them as pure as a pitching wedge.

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If you are frustrated with your long iron shots, this is the video for you. The longer irons have a longer shaft and less club loft than the clubs we usually hit, like a 9 or 7 iron. And because of this, many of us tend to do three things when swinging the longer irons.

1. Mis-position the ball during set up

2. Hit up on the ball in an attempt to help the ball up during the swing

3. Over swing to gain more speed and power

Any one of these tendencies can cause an erratic miss hit, imagine doing all three.

Luckily there is a simple solution. The three tips in this video will help you break these swing faults and instill proper positioning and movements to help you hit the best long iron shots.

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