Hole Vlog: 335 Yard Par 4 #golf #golftips #golfshorts

In this engaging blog post, the reader will dive into the thrilling world of golf as they explore a captivating vlog centered around a challenging 335-yard Par 4 hole. Delving into expert golf tips and insights, they will gain valuable knowledge on mastering their golfing techniques. With a blend of informative content and entertaining visuals, this blog post promises to be an essential read for golf enthusiasts seeking to improve their game. So, let’s tee off and explore the exciting realm of golf shorts!


In this exciting hole vlog, our golf enthusiast takes on a challenging 335-yard par 4. With the aim of providing valuable golfing tips and insights, Scratch Golf Tips presents a captivating video that dives into the player’s tactical decisions, shot execution, and impressive performance on the green. Let’s take a closer look at the key aspects of this exciting hole and uncover the strategies employed by our skilled golfer.

Choosing the Right Club

As the golfer assessed the challenging par 4, they elected to use a hybrid club off the tee. This strategic decision aimed to provide them with a comfortable yardage for their second shot, increasing their chances of putting the ball close to the hole.

The Tee Shot

With the hybrid club in hand, our golfer stood confidently on the tee. However, a slight push resulted in the ball veering a little to the right, causing them to miss the fairway. Despite this slight setback, they remained composed and focused on the upcoming shot.

The Approach Shot

Now in the rough, with roughly 160 yards left to the pin, our player opted for their 52-degree club and aimed for the center of the green. Displaying great precision and skill, the golfer executed a solid shot that ended up pin high, providing them with an excellent opportunity for a birdie or par.

The Chip Shot

With the green now in sight, our golfer had a straightforward chip shot ahead. Armed with a 60-degree club, they confidently assessed the distance and trajectory required to place the ball close to the hole. Expertly executing the chip shot, the ball cozied up to just over a foot from the hole, showcasing the player’s finesse around the green.

The Putt

With the ball sitting less than a foot away from the hole, our golfer had an easy tap-in for par. With the pin located in the back left of the green, they exhibited remarkable consistency and control throughout the hole. Their putt accurately found its mark, ensuring a successful par to cap off their stellar performance.


Scratch Golf Tips’ hole vlog on the 335-yard par 4 displays the golfer’s strategic decision-making, skilled shot execution, and steady composure under pressure. From the initial club selection to the final tap-in for par, this video offers valuable insights for golfers looking to enhance their game. By taking the time to analyze the player’s choices and techniques, viewers can glean useful tips and apply them to their own golfing adventures.


  1. Q: Why did the golfer use a hybrid club off the tee?

    • A: By using a hybrid club off the tee, the golfer aimed to give themselves a comfortable yardage for their second shot.
  2. Q: What happened on the golfer’s tee shot?

    • A: The golfer pushed their shot a little to the right, resulting in missing the fairway.
  3. Q: Which club did the golfer use for their approach shot?

    • A: The golfer had a 52-degree club in hand for their approach shot.
  4. Q: How did the golfer handle their chip shot?

    • A: The golfer made a straightforward chip shot using a 60-degree club, managing to cozy the ball up to just over a foot from the hole.
  5. Q: What was the final outcome for the golfer on this hole?

    • A: The golfer had an easy tap-in for par thanks to their precise putt, showcasing their steady performance throughout the hole.