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Start SPINNING Your 50 Yard Pitch Shots! - Golf Tips & Videos

Start SPINNING Your 50 Yard Pitch Shots!

Many golfers want to learn how to spin their wedge shot, and hitting a high-spinning wedge shot in the 40-60 yard range can also be tricky.

In this video, we break down three helpful tips that will teach you how to spin your wedge shots from 50 yards out consistently!

Adding backspin to your wedge shots offers you more ways to attack pins, and offer you more options to score better on short par 4s, and scramble when you miss the green.

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George Conlin with scratch golf tips Today we're going to be talking about a Comment that I got recently on a YouTube Channel and I get it all the time in the Instagram DMS which is hey I know how to Spin a full wedge shot from 110 yards But how do I get more backspin on those In between shots of 40 to 60 yards that Sweet 50 yard range how do I get more Backspin so in this video I'm going to Be breaking down three very helpful tips On how to increase your backspin and Check on those 50-yard golf shots so the First thing that is important to note When talking about the backspin on these 40 to 60 yard golf shots is you are not Going to get the desired backspin with a Nice high soft Landing golf shot now Like I said earlier it is going to land Softly but you're not going to get a ton Of backspin which is very helpful for Those you know front pins or trying to Get into a tucked pin you can land it Soft but the backspin won't be there With high trajectory the way that you Are going to get backspin is through Lower trajectory High acceleration so These tips are going to revolve around Getting that lower trajectory it's going To Skid once but once it hits the green The backspin is going to reel it right Back it might not General like if you Land it right at the pin and then it

Bounces 10 feet past I can't guarantee That it's going to spin 10 feet all the Way in but there absolutely is going to Be notably notably more check a little Bit more backspin than your standard Wedge shot so the first thing that we Want to do at address and certainly Emulate at impact is have a decent Amount of forward shaft lean so with a Golf shot if you generally have a little Bit with a wedge forward shaft lean at a Dress we want to accentuate that a Little bit that lower angle of attack is Obviously going to create a much lower Launch angle and much higher backspin Especially if you have a nice uh Descending blow with a fairly steep Angle of attack another way that you can Accentuate that low launch High spin Shot would be by placing the ball Slightly further back in the stance just Be sure that you're not putting it too Far back and having your uh shaft too Forward if you've got the ball pretty Notably far back and the shaft lean is Very forward you're going to end up Hitting the ball like five feet off the Ground and it's just not going to be Good so there is a happy medium uh it's Definitely something to play around with On a chipping green but those are two Ways to accentuate that just don't be Too over dramatic with either way with The shafting or the ball positioning now

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Talking about the swing itself we want To be coming across the ball a little Bit so I know that I talk a lot about Different swing paths into out out to End which is especially important for Long irons Woods drivers that's what Leads to Hooks and slices but it is Important to recognize the influence That Swing path has on the ball with These pitch shots in the 40 to 60 yard Range if we're looking for a lower Launch and higher spin shot coming Across the ball is going to be able to Do that effectively for us so what that Will lead to is the out to in swing path You're going to be swinging across the Body and that's going going to allow for That lower launch and higher spin Trajectory that we really want in order To have more backspin than normal Essentially what this is going to do is If you're coming across the ball your Attack angle is going to be much steeper And again as I said earlier that steeper Attack angle is really going to get the Grooves on the ball and if you hit it Cleanly those grooves coming into the Ball or the ball coming into the grooves Rather that's what's really going to Accentuate that spin and you really need That because you know if you clunk the Ball a little bit if you get too much Grass between the ball you could do all Three of these tips perfectly but if the

Strike isn't there the backspin also Will not be there now for tip number Three which is the final tip and always The most important tip when talking About backswing is you need to Accelerate through the ball as I said Earlier you can get the ball nice and High in the air with what's called a Dead arm wedge shot where you don't Really accelerate through the ball you Just slap it up there and it bounces a Few times that's fine that's one way to Go about it if we're going to to go with A low shot that has a lot of backspin You have no choice but to really Accelerate through the ball now Accelerating through the ball is very Easy to do with an eight iron that you Swing in Full Speed Ahead just trying to Hit 150 yards right at a pin I get it It's easy it is not as easy and it is Much easier said than done to really Accelerate through a shot that you're Only wanting to hit 50 yards the reason For that is fairly clear if you're Hitting a 60 degree wedge 50 yards you Can't be swinging it fully so a lot of People when they think all right I have My full swing now if I want to hit it a Little bit less I'm going to have a Fairly full swing I'm just going to slow It down a little bit that's not what you Want to do it's going to lead to Inconsistent contact inconsistent

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Striking and certainly inconsistent low Point control and when we're talking About low Point control that is one of The most important aspects of spin Because if you have great low Point Control you have great contact your Impact positioning is perfect and that's What I really need out of a high Backsman shot that impact position has To be nearly perfect in order to get Those grooves right on the ball because This is a lower golf shot because the Golf shot has to spin a lot I don't need You with a 60 degree wedge or even a 56 Whatever Club you want to hit you don't Need to be coming up above shoulder Height for a lot of people because it's Going to really come out hot because It's coming out so low you might not Need to get a 50 yard shot above waist Height it all depends on the Acceleration but whatever you do it's Better to have that shorter golf swing Where you're really getting through the Ball confidently that have a nice high Balance golf swing and just kind of Wussy out through impact and not have That acceleration because like I said Earlier if the acceleration isn't there Everything else does not matter because Acceleration comes or spin comes from Proper acceleration always as always I'd Love to hear your thoughts on these Shots how do you like to approach them

Some people really like those High shots That don't have any spin on them they Feel like they can control those better Other people love to turn to the Spinning shot I know personally I like To spin the ball with a little bit of a Lower trajectory unless I absolutely Have to get the ball up there if it's a Totally tucked pin in the very front of The green it's pretty difficult to hit a Low spinner in there because you have to Land it perfectly On The Fringe or Perfectly on the very front edge of the Green I'd rather hit a looping dead arm Wedge into that but with a back pin I Much prefer Landing the ball a few feet Short of the hole and having it safely Spin up there and give myself a nice Proximity to the hole but I'd love to Hear your thoughts on it personally Within your golf game as always I very Much appreciate it if you leave a like Rating or if you didn't like the video Leave a dislike rating that just helps Me gauge what you guys like to see from The channel and what you don't like to See so by giving me that feedback it can Help me offer you the best content from This page possible it's going to tailor It better to all of you also if you like The video then that helps YouTube show It to more people who will find it Helpful and that helps the channel grow And that supports the scratch golf tips

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Brand greatly which I always agree Appreciate if you want to see more Content like this you can subscribe to The scratch golf tips YouTube channel And turn on our post notifications so That YouTube will notify you every time That we post I hope you guys have been Enjoying the more frequent posts Recently we've been posting at least Twice a week most weeks three times a Week which has been a big step up for us And we're very grateful for all the Support that we've received on the new Uploading schedule also if you're Looking for more golf content we have Over 150 videos that are already on the Channel uh they're all on our playlist Tab as well if you want to go through Golf drills player analysis player uh Player breakdowns golf tips all Different playlists you can go through Our Channel and view those for your own Viewing pleasure as always we thank you Very much for watching play well and Take care Foreign [Music]