Ideal Activities for Seniors

Ideal Activities for Seniors

 Stretching
Stretching should be done in a slow and steady manner in order to avoid injuries since elderly individuals are prone to joint and muscle problems. Stretching needs to be a major part of exercising because it is what helps you warm up during exercise and keeps you active throughout.

 Golf
Golf is one outdoor sport that is not strenuous thus making it an ideal activity for seniors. As harmless and as laid back as this game may seem it still important to do proper stretching before starting a game in order to protecting aging bones and joints. Best warm up exercises are range of motion exercises on the arms, hips and legs to avoid injuries.

 Yard Games
Yard games are a fun and good way to get the body up and about. Seniors can get into this activity along with friends and family which makes it a great opportunity to bond with each other. Popular yard games are lawn bowling, croquet and horseshoes to name a few.

 Memory Games
This activity can be done both indoor and outdoor. There are plenty of memory games and board games that are specially made for seniors which you can buy in lots of stores out there. If you have plenty of time you can even come up with a memory game of your own.

 Gardening
Doing some gardening for around 30 to 45 minutes is as good as doing the conventional workouts. Gardening is one enjoyable outdoor activity that elders can do and it makes them appreciate their surroundings more plus they get to plant vegetables and other plants along with decorating their home. When gardening, physical movements such as squatting, bending, walking and light lifting are done making it a great workout for the joints, muscles and bones.

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