I played the worlds BEST Par 3 course!


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Check this out I'm not in Manchester It's not raining it's not cold I've got A t-shirt on because For the first time In a long time I've jumped on a plane And flown over to the USA I'm here for a Week's worth of filming some incredible Videos which will be coming out very Soon stay tuned for that so make sure You like And subscribe now we just Landed and I've got a big game of golf Tomorrow against a huge tour pro so I Need to get my eye in I need to get used To this Floridian Golf Course styling to The grass to the way the greens react so I've been highly recommended this place To come and play today Palm Beach Par 3 golf course and honestly I might Say it's a lot I do This might be my my number one favorite Place in the world it might just be and This is 18 par threes And it's a part of my game that I really Need to work on but you know what Happens with par threes a chance for a Hole in ones so let's get going I'm so Excited about playing this place Thank you Foreign Straight into wind it's not an easy Start Um this is really going to test me today But I think this part of my game is Definitely where I need the most Practice the short shots there's little

Delicate shots around the greens these Fast Slopy undulating greens is definitely Something I need to work on so you might As well jump straight into it at the Deep end five iron off this first hole Par three Let let me think about a Target today so It's obviously 18 par three so it's Power 54. can I Break 60. but let's not be the target Breaking 60. but if I don't let's hope I Certainly break 75 at least Oh that was a a chunky dig out first Shot on American soil for a long time The good thing was it didn't go in the Water that's a positive at least it's This type of Bermuda thick coarse grass that's Definitely something I'm gonna have to Get used to because we don't get this in The UK I've just come to the side of the Green I'm actually not far away from the Water to the right side of the green I'm gonna it's the type of grass as well You can't really put on this just off The green so wedges wedges are plenty Again part of my game that obviously I Need to work on let's see if we get up And down to kick things off Oh yeah that's That's different that is different Different grass Oh I can't miss many greens around here

Okay Rick testing purple up the hill Right to left Let's start this round With an unlikely three Boom Ah boom Paws don't always have to be Pretty terrible strike off the tee bit Of a ropey chip But if they put us hot then we're gonna Hold some very good purples It just does make you happy being out Here doesn't it eh okay second hole's a Little bit of respite this is much Shorter 120 yards pins at the front Downwind I'm just absorbing and appreciating the Beauty and you look around the ocean's On that side this is like a cut off Peninsula where we're on like this kind Of long strip of an island some more the Golf course there across the road where Obviously you see them even more of the Ocean Stunning okay A little gut wedge front Pin Get straight now we're putting but it's Not super close a little bit of a pull Left okay long range put here I've Definitely overshot that one a little Bit Exciting giddy Up over the hill and it's going to slope Away from me feel like it's going to be Super fast

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Oh no it's not super fast Oh that's interesting because the other Thing as well with kind of grass like This is there's different types of grain You know how the Grass Grows in Different directions that was a lot Slower than I thought it was going to be Literally jumped off a plane straight Hair straight out on the golf course Definitely might just take me a couple Of holes to get my eye in that's exactly Where we're out here today But if they keep dropping If they keep dropping we're doing all Right I'm gonna go into serious mode for a bit Now serious mode activated Oh I just missed the green to the right Get over that Hill Oh Whoa So uh this is this just shows how little Golf I play uh in America slightly Awkward interaction with the cat girl Because I asked do you take Card she's Like yeah We're putting good strike Okay The chase they just keep going sometimes A little cheeky on here for par just off The left let's knock it in oh pulled it Mistruck it that's annoying Very annoying silly three put there for A bogey ah too over now

Thank you Thank you trust him to see me three put A bit annoying it they've been nicer if They sell me a whole good birdie put or Something but it's real to see on the YouTube video I guess like you guys are Watching Safe we're on the Dance Floor come down Here And just check out This review It's absolutely breathtaking and these Aren't even the ocean holes on the other Side the back nine of the ocean holes I mean that is just A different level in it Different level Don't get this in Manchester UK maybe I Need to start using this passport a Little bit more I think I think a few More trips away is definitely needed That is absolutely Dunning right Enough of that that's not a simple Birdie I'm not it's a oh maybe I have Need a little bit more speed and I think It would have held its line You're right that's a slightly less Stress-free par anyway Okay six hole 124 yards into a little Bit of Breeze I'm gonna try and hit a Knock down pitching wedge Oh be phenomenal

In oh hello I've arrived America took five holes Have warmed up but we're here Which one do I buy if I hold this birdie Look at those places oh live in the Dream okay really good look at birdie Now I might not get loads of chances Like this so To make sure I capitalize flag out Slightly right to left Davis are slightly up the hill Come on let's crack open some some Birdie Source USA Edition It wiggled and it wobbled oh and it Snaked Ah About here I thought it was right in the Middle of the hole ah Never mind give it a good look Gave it a nice look swing's starting to Feel good anyway putter feels like it's Warming up it's not red hot yet but I Can save that till tomorrow from a big Match Seventh hole similar length for the last Let's see if we can just hit it ten feet Closer Wind wind I think it's massive right Little Miss Q There I'm somewhere at 15 yards longer the Green uh delicate little shot back up The hill Let's see if we get it up and down Okay there's this type of grass I

Definitely need to master Oh it just digs oh it's frustrating I knew this would be a little delicate One for me a tough test Better Oh I'm such a short little hole I've got Up for a bogey We take her for it wasn't pretty Chipping's hard enough you've seen me Struggle with chipping anyway but Chipping off that type of grass is just Something I need to adjust to I will do I'll get it but I'll need a bit more Practice eight hole 133 yards we Actually hit the same Club I hit on the Last considering that's probably how far It went 20 yards long pin's front left This is very very inviting Oh of course it's thin Go a bit Oh caught it just a touch thing wasn't a Good strike okay so I just wanted Another practice shot you see always Thinking you thought I missed the green I just thought I'd give myself another Chance to test out these different Grasses around the green right sloping Away from me left to right let's see if We can get it up and down It's been I was a beautiful strike but it just Came out a little bit a little bit low And almost skinny getting there slowly But surely

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Oh I thought I'd box that That was a little cheeky one right Starting to rack up a few Bogies from Nowhere now Look at this little A little fella 80 yards I probably Doesn't even feel like it's in play that Pins are right at the front Oh this is inviting come on Rick really Good strike here Oh Rick Oh Shields there so focused on strike I just completely misguage the distance Hi Wow that's fast up the hill right to Left come on Rick yeah Oh I made I made a lot harder work with That what it needed to be listen nine Hole practice do you know what I mean Nine holes just to get into the flow and Then we can start building about nine Like lots of them right about nine I'm Gonna go now I'm gonna make some birdies 112 yards slightly down Breeze I'm gonna Get a full sandwich pins at the back They shouldn't go long Yeah that looks pretty pin High 10 foot Away Good look at birdie here Come on let's start the back nine in Style left to right up the hill come on Rick scrap rolling them in Oh Ricky Seals

It's annoying Okay come on Rick 11th hole 105 yards Little flick not too dissimilar to the Last holding distance just a tiny bit Less Thank you And Let's see if we can finally knock a Birdie in shall we that was a nice shot Landed here Took a big hop went up the hill and then Just screwed back down to here this is Where we open up The USA birdie count I'm also kind of Factoring in grain a little bit as well We don't Look at it too much in the UK come on Rick up the hill left to right Yeah Oh That was weak and pathetic Keeping myself chances And surely they've got a drop at one Point in time right Ah that was annoying 126 yards beautiful Scenery now as you can see over the back Of this Green's Atlantic Ocean unreal Looks amazing right let's see uh again If I can do it justice Don't spin oh pulling it on by a a hair About lots of things okay dirty Opportunity a bit longer than the last Two Not that that really mattered did it

Because they didn't go in up the hill I've got a feeling about this one a good Feeling let's see if we can roll this One in Oh I didn't it's it Didn't hit it That was right in the middle as well Another power on this bat nine by the Way just a quick one Just appreciate the flag game for a Minute I mean that's gorgeous beautiful Flag 13th hole 171 yards from the black teas Which you're playing off today However as you probably noticed that's Not the main attraction here That is It really does make such a big Difference I know you can't pick the location of a Golf course all the time but wow okay it Actually that says I'm not actually off The black fees today the black tea is Way back there so I'm actually only Playing 118 yards which I'm a little bit More comfortable with All right that's gonna have to go Go go go go go go Ah There might be a little Ridge there ah I Got punished okay after spinning it off The front of the green I wouldn't normally put this but I'm Gonna wedge it I'm gonna chip it need to

Conquer these little shots oh Rick I Didn't commit Ah silly boy okay big long put now for Par not an easy super either That's not too bad Yeah silly four Ah that was from nothing really not a Good strike with the wedge from the T Not a good chip Ah wasted what is a beautiful hole 14th hole we're running out of time Start making some birdies right but Probably slightly summarizes where my Weaker area is it's definitely from kind Of shots into the green and my putting Right however still got time And again I know I keep saying that Sound like a broken record But I mean come on soak it all in Beautiful Okay I'm gonna play a little chippy Pitching wedge keep it down and under The wind Be phenomenal Oh okay it's a good job I changed Club I Actually went up a club and that's still Just clung on the front of the green as Soon as we come up on this hill the wind Is definitely hurting that shot more oh That was a good one as well it's a good Hit I thought it was gonna be perfect Ah needed hitting I mean could we pick a nicer evening and You know what this club has been so nice

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Tony the head pro is absolutely a Jeremy Such a nice guy and this place is Something pretty special could Definitely see myself playing here more Often in the future okay 15th hole only For you to play sun's really starting to Drop now stunning um I need to get some Birdies I need to get one birdie at Least come on Rick what the hell part Three golf course I'm gonna flicking eye Tired into this keep it below the wind Oh Curry Turned over too much okay so actually Hit the sleeper and then went in so I Can take a drop from here Right need to get up and down and this Score could start racking up Off didn't it Ah Ricky It's all going I'm getting a bit tired Now Long day Starting to maybe catch up on me a Little bit these last couple of shots Ah this is a hard hole This is taking all of my effort to Complete this one for a double bow get Out of nowhere Great double Ah that's annoying okay disappointing Double bogey there we're on the 16th I'm Six over now from nowhere I've got to Make a birdie on the last three to break

60. Keep coming wind Oh I thought that was gonna keep coming Round pin High just slightly right okay Just off the green Putters out we're Racing against time as the Sun starts to Drop and we run out of time to make Birdies let's make one count right now Right here just off the green The old trusty putter Heart jumped on me Break break I never ah Yeah whatever Okay 17th hole up the hill 153 yards Nine iron Two to go two pars gets us under 60. Come on we can do this back right pin Position I've got to hit all of this Nine iron And then wind And then wind Yeah probably pin high on the Green Wind's just kind of dropped a bit to be Honest okay on the green big slow pin Pull up just if I knew this green a bit Better I wouldn't have uh I wouldn't Have missed here because I'm in the Wrong kind of little section of the Green but never mind down the hill Swinging off the left could we get one More bit of magic Then I That was a really tough Port important

Port I've got to knock this in and power The last to getting in the 50s up the Hill right to left firm and confident Nice before I finish the video we've got One more hole to get to go I just want To say how much I love this place it's Just absolutely epic and if you're Enjoying this content and enjoying the Florida content it's going to be coming Be sure to smash that like button be Sure to subscribe you don't want to miss Out on this stuff because honestly what I've got planned this week is going to Be pretty phenomenal okay this is it Last hole and this beautiful Golf Course 156 yards but ever so slightly down Breeze I'm gonna rock it at 99 at it That 99's got about 180 yards Adrenaline must have been pumping okay We're on the green but honestly that Nine Island so far Must have been the wind must be stronger Than I thought Right back to the front of the green Come on just Nestle it nice and close Two putts gets us in at a 59. Oh I tried to just Nestle it up nice and Close When it just kept going and going and Going Little knee knocker to finish off the Video again guys if you've enjoyed this Make sure you smash like I don't know

How you couldn't enjoy this wonderful Venue Another goal's not been phenomenal Work in progress but this for a five Over 59 and a beer is waiting for me in The bar Becue idiot guys thanks for watching We'll see you next time good little Practice ready for a very very busy week